Saturday, July 21, 2012

La Torretta

Last year we went to LaTorretta.  We had a blast.  Here is day one and here is day two.
So naturally, we headed there again this Summer.  Daddy's birthday is July 5th so we made it an extended July 4th/ Daddy's birthday holiday weekend.  I was horrible this year with the camera and I believe a lot of it is because Dominic is real close to swimming all by himself so he is way more active in the water and all over the place.  Literally.  So not too much time for photography but I tried.
First dip in the pool with his snorkels that he loves.  He stays under water for a long time because well, he can breathe. Ha!

My boys.  Both saying, "Come on Mom.  Get in the water."
He tried the slide once last year with his daddy but it was "no bueno".  This year, he was more than ready.
Daddy waiting at the bottom.  I hit the button too early and did not capture the photo I wanted to capture but this one still tells the story.
Daddy's birthday after a day in the sun, hence all the red sunburned cheeks.
We literally spent 6-7 hours straight in the sun and water.  The result of that was little man slept 12 hours straight both nights at the resort. Here he is on the fold out couch with his own remote.  For the first time he did not try to get in our bed or kick one of us out.  HE WAS THAT TIRED!
Sweet precious face.
Our view this year.  So close to home (1 hr) but you feel miles away.
I did not take a photo but we had a delicious sushi dinner at the resort last night.  Dominic had chicken tenders!  We were very impressed with the sushi and how fresh it was, yum!
Day 2, back in the pool!
Daddy behind the camera and Mommy behind a visor for sun protection.
All in all while we were about to pack up, I asked Dominic,"So, thumbs up or thumbs down for your time here at La Torretta?"
There you have it!  Until next year...........

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