Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

My in laws were in town, on the other side of town, on July 4th.  We knew we wanted to see them that day but we started our day with this:
Betty Crocker and one happy little boy....
Who was SO excited to help me make July 4th cupcakes to take to lunch where we were meeting my in-laws and their friends they were staying with.
Nice and fluffy, er maybe too fluffy?
Using my icing tip from Dominic's birthday cupcake I went to town again.  The larger the tip the easier it is, two swirls and you are done!
Remember these?  Sugar filled cupcake toppers to match any occassion?
I love how the red charger plate makes the cupcake liners appear red.  Nope, they are actually silver!
We also sent some across the street to our favorite neighbors!
I think they turned out cute for not putting too much time into making them. At least one little boy I know made sure to get one after lunch and that is all that matters.
Next up, the rest of our fun holiday weekend!

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