Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dominic lost his first tooth!

Do you remember wanting to lose your first tooth?  I certainly do.  Dominic is 6 years old and he started talking about it in Kinder last year when some of the other kids lost one. He mentioned it several times.  One time his daddy said there might be a little blood when you lose one.  He really did not ask anymore questions after that! ha!
He had a really loose tooth but it just would not come out.  Finally about a week before we went on vacation, early to mid July, he was playing outside and he ran up to his daddy and said, "My tooth!" And low and behold it had finally fallen out and luckily he got it because it was so small!
Trying to get a good shot of the new gap but he was making silly faces.
Ironic enough, the permanent tooth was already growing up from behind the baby tooth.  You can see the little red pocket from where the tooth fell out and the new little one already coming up.
We had several conversations about the tooth fairy and what you need to do so she will bring you money and take the tooth.  Here he is jumping up on his bed to put his tooth (in a ziploc so it would not get lost) under his pillow.
Posing for Mom and the memories holding the ziploc!
Daddy helping place the pillow back on top...
 And one tired little boy the next morning at 5:30a when he came downstairs to show me he got $5 for his first tooth.  I believe it's $1 every tooth thereafter.

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