Sunday, July 8, 2012

Curling iron holder when hot

My sweet MIL got me this for Christmas and I have been meaning to take photos and blog about it since then.  Shame on me. Anyway, she knows I use a curling iron daily and in the past I would wrap it in a hand towel and wrap the cord around that after each use while it was still hot.  The reason I got in that habit was I could not leave a hot iron out after I had a baby that would eventually be a toddler, etc etc.
There is a lady in the hill country that makes these and my MIL had my initials put on as well
As soon as I umplug it I am able to put it inside of this holder where the lining is heat retardent (I don't know the technical name)
Then I wrap up the cord and stuff it in the outside pocket as shown below.
And here is what that ends up looking like.
Then I just place it on the linen shelf in my closet and it's out of sight and nobody is tempted to "touch it".  I have used this every single day since the day I got it, thanks MeMe!

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