Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dominic lost his first tooth!

Do you remember wanting to lose your first tooth?  I certainly do.  Dominic is 6 years old and he started talking about it in Kinder last year when some of the other kids lost one. He mentioned it several times.  One time his daddy said there might be a little blood when you lose one.  He really did not ask anymore questions after that! ha!
He had a really loose tooth but it just would not come out.  Finally about a week before we went on vacation, early to mid July, he was playing outside and he ran up to his daddy and said, "My tooth!" And low and behold it had finally fallen out and luckily he got it because it was so small!
Trying to get a good shot of the new gap but he was making silly faces.
Ironic enough, the permanent tooth was already growing up from behind the baby tooth.  You can see the little red pocket from where the tooth fell out and the new little one already coming up.
We had several conversations about the tooth fairy and what you need to do so she will bring you money and take the tooth.  Here he is jumping up on his bed to put his tooth (in a ziploc so it would not get lost) under his pillow.
Posing for Mom and the memories holding the ziploc!
Daddy helping place the pillow back on top...
 And one tired little boy the next morning at 5:30a when he came downstairs to show me he got $5 for his first tooth.  I believe it's $1 every tooth thereafter.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

La Torretta

Last year we went to LaTorretta.  We had a blast.  Here is day one and here is day two.
So naturally, we headed there again this Summer.  Daddy's birthday is July 5th so we made it an extended July 4th/ Daddy's birthday holiday weekend.  I was horrible this year with the camera and I believe a lot of it is because Dominic is real close to swimming all by himself so he is way more active in the water and all over the place.  Literally.  So not too much time for photography but I tried.
First dip in the pool with his snorkels that he loves.  He stays under water for a long time because well, he can breathe. Ha!

My boys.  Both saying, "Come on Mom.  Get in the water."
He tried the slide once last year with his daddy but it was "no bueno".  This year, he was more than ready.
Daddy waiting at the bottom.  I hit the button too early and did not capture the photo I wanted to capture but this one still tells the story.
Daddy's birthday after a day in the sun, hence all the red sunburned cheeks.
We literally spent 6-7 hours straight in the sun and water.  The result of that was little man slept 12 hours straight both nights at the resort. Here he is on the fold out couch with his own remote.  For the first time he did not try to get in our bed or kick one of us out.  HE WAS THAT TIRED!
Sweet precious face.
Our view this year.  So close to home (1 hr) but you feel miles away.
I did not take a photo but we had a delicious sushi dinner at the resort last night.  Dominic had chicken tenders!  We were very impressed with the sushi and how fresh it was, yum!
Day 2, back in the pool!
Daddy behind the camera and Mommy behind a visor for sun protection.
All in all while we were about to pack up, I asked Dominic,"So, thumbs up or thumbs down for your time here at La Torretta?"
There you have it!  Until next year...........

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fourth of July 2012

My in laws were in town, on the other side of town, on July 4th.  We knew we wanted to see them that day but we started our day with this:
Betty Crocker and one happy little boy....
Who was SO excited to help me make July 4th cupcakes to take to lunch where we were meeting my in-laws and their friends they were staying with.
Nice and fluffy, er maybe too fluffy?
Using my icing tip from Dominic's birthday cupcake I went to town again.  The larger the tip the easier it is, two swirls and you are done!
Remember these?  Sugar filled cupcake toppers to match any occassion?
I love how the red charger plate makes the cupcake liners appear red.  Nope, they are actually silver!
We also sent some across the street to our favorite neighbors!
I think they turned out cute for not putting too much time into making them. At least one little boy I know made sure to get one after lunch and that is all that matters.
Next up, the rest of our fun holiday weekend!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Something you never want to hear, "He has all the signs of pneumonia." Well, we did.  Somewhere between the end of school and 2 weeks into swim lessons, the barking seal started but he was just more hoarse when he talked.  A mama knows. A mama knows when signs are pointing in the opposite direction of where they should be pointing.

I just need to document this because the same thing happened last year after the start of swim lessons but it took a turn and went the Croup route which we are no strangers too either.  When I tried to refer back and look at the blog I had not documented that so this time I made sure to.

Thankfully we are well now after a 10 day antibiotic and a 5 day steroid.  And thankfully the Lord blessed us with this on a Saturday morning at 5:30am so I had two full days to get my baby better before missing any days of work (I am nearing my vacation renewal and kind of cutting it close). 

The hoarse voice turned into some cough then some barking cough then some 103.1 fever. We headed to the after hours pedi clinic where the pedi on call was amazing.  He said oddly enough his lungs sound clear but I can tell by looking at him and based on what you have told me his symptoms are, he has pneumonia. Eek. Sadness filled me. This doc was not giving up.  He said I am going to find it.  He had Dominic remove his shirt so he could listen and use both hands to tap certain places on his back and lungs.  Then he found it.  He told me to just listen as he tapped the right side and it sounded solid then he tapped his left side and it sounded hollow. There it was, he found it in his left lung.  I was so thankful for modern medicine right that second (and a million times before too).

We post poned swim lessons but we still have two more.  This boy LOVES water so I am not sure how the rest of the Summer will go but I will just cross my fingers he will remain healthy!

Curling iron holder when hot

My sweet MIL got me this for Christmas and I have been meaning to take photos and blog about it since then.  Shame on me. Anyway, she knows I use a curling iron daily and in the past I would wrap it in a hand towel and wrap the cord around that after each use while it was still hot.  The reason I got in that habit was I could not leave a hot iron out after I had a baby that would eventually be a toddler, etc etc.
There is a lady in the hill country that makes these and my MIL had my initials put on as well
As soon as I umplug it I am able to put it inside of this holder where the lining is heat retardent (I don't know the technical name)
Then I wrap up the cord and stuff it in the outside pocket as shown below.
And here is what that ends up looking like.
Then I just place it on the linen shelf in my closet and it's out of sight and nobody is tempted to "touch it".  I have used this every single day since the day I got it, thanks MeMe!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blanket basket

I don't know about you but a lot of times we will be watching TV in the evenings and everyone wants a blanket. Then we are left with this or constantly folding them and bringing them to our closet.
 And then there are the multiple times that one of us gets the boot to the couch somewhere in the middle of the night because a younger someone comes to our bed. Again, need to have easy access to blankets plus have it appear neat, especially while the house is on the market. Here is my $7 solution and I love it.
Deep chocolate colored wicker basket from Ross! Simple, perfect and useful!