Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kinder Graduation. One yr down, 16 to go!

Here is my baby.  Although it might appear to be a very collegiate cap and gown photo for say, somewhere like Harvard, it is in fact Kinder.  I adore the slightly tilted head.  It adds innocent character.  I also adore that his cast on his left arm is not visible!

This was the first day of Kinder, August 2011.

This was the last day of Kinder, May 2012. You can see how many inches he grew by comparing where his head is against the beveled design on the glass door.
Another "too short" haircut for me but whatareyagonnado?
Here is his class.  His elementary is very large.  1,300 total enrollment and 250 of those are these Kinder kiddos.  That being said there was no "walk across the stage" ceremony.  That would take days!  Each class held their own at the same time that day so you heard various songs and clapping coming from everywhere.  I like that the classes are open from one to the next, only separated by these coat closets and shelves.
They sang several songs for us and you see all the proud family members taking photos and videos. One song was titled "so long". I cried. Yes, yes I did.
Here he is accepting his "diploma" from Mrs Murphy and getting a hug.  We had a wonderful Kinder teacher and I pray this luck continues each year!
With the proud mama
***must remind Daddy to focus camera each time***
Here is the proud Daddy
With his good friend Shale.  They are two of the tallest in their class.  Shale has penmanship better than most adults I know.
With his sweet teacher, Mrs Murphy
The folder of goodies we brought home that last day.  His diploma, his report card, a memory book, a photo of him, a chocolate candy bar with personalized wrapper geared towards a graduate and a book titled "I knew you Could" from his teacher.  Dominic learned a lot this year but most of all he learned to read up to a level 3 book.  He loves to read!
***must keep reading ALL SUMMER***
Dominic, you are such an amazing little boy.  I look back at how nervous you were on that first day of big boy school and it broke my heart that the teacher told me you cried that day for me.  Yes, by day 2 or 3 you were completely cool with it but a mama never wants to hear that.  You made lots of new friends, you learned how to read and moved up to different levels of reading along the way, you found joy on special days when you got to "buy" your lunch, you were excited for most of the year (until you broke your arm in late March and you had to sit out from any physical activity) you learned the Pledge of Allegiance and Kinder just wore you out most days.  Daddy and I are so so proud of you and can't wait to see what first grade brings.  We will always be here for you as you grow, learn and shine.  You are the most precious gift.
Love, Daddy and Mommy

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