Thursday, June 28, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Wow, finally have made a minute to blog. Amazing how hard it is to find the time unless I want to forfeit sleep and uh, no. Dominic is next to me watching the Muppets Movie and I thank the good Lord it is actually keeping his attention.  His is most definitely not a movie watcher.  Good and bad, I know.
So before time gets away from me let me document Father's Day real quick.  We have a very busy July coming up so hopefully I can keep up with the blog. 
I was trying to let Kevin sleep in but Dominic was busting at the seams for him to wake up.  I made him wait until about 8:30a, sorry Daddy, I tried for longer.  He could not wait to give him his gifts as soon as he woke up. Shame on me for the lack of focus in the below photo.
Kevin was surprised.  He thought it was cologne based on the box but it wasn't.  He has mentioned multiple times he would like a brown leather band watch and mommy listens!
And of course junior had to try it on.....
The reason this day is his....
We also got Daddy some expensive shorts but he exchanged them the next day for 3 other items of clothing.  We have some vacations coming up so I knew he wanted clothes.  Later that afternoon I was putting up groceries and prepping food for that evening and when I look outside this is what I see.  One snorkeler and one with goggles and they are under water looking at each other.
I asked them to look at me for a photo then they returned to diving, if you will.
Daddy wanted fajitas and of course I missed that photo just as he was done but they were delicious and I made my homemade charro beans too!
I don't even have to tell you that little man talked his Daddy into "camping" in the living room to end a wonderful Father's Day.

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