Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kinder Field Day 2012

Wow,okay it's been a while.  And wow, Blogger has a new look that took me a few times to figure out in the milli-second or off chance that I have to actually blog.
We have been less than blog material since the boy has the cast.  Quite frankly, we have been boring.  Nothing blog-worthy if you will and that doesn't stop with this post but it is what it is.
Kindergarten had their first field day ever!  Remember field day?  I sure do.  And guess what.  The boy could not participate because of the aformentioned BROKEN ARM but I still wanted to be the supportive mother that sacrificed a vacation day to be there. Son, you are welcome.
Here they come in all their maroon glory......."Murphy's Motors" was their team name.
My sweetie sitting courtside again...thank you monkey bars
Not sure what he is preaching to his fellow classmates since this is his first field day and he is not physically participating in it but why stop bossy in all his glory when this is the norm at home.
The girl to boy ratio in his class is just not even fair....way more girls. Notice the boa feather trim on the mini megaphones.....somewhere there were boy megaphones but let's just say they all exchanged germs this very day, uck!
My point exactly.  If you think he held on to this one as "his" uh, no....
Group photo of his class minus whoever was currently jumping hurdles or hula hooping.
Teacher and "homeroom moms" water balloon toss.
Guess who won? Yep, Mrs Murphy, Dominic's teacher.  All the kids swarming her!
What a fun day but I know my little man would have had so much fun if he would have been able to participate.  HOPEFULLY next year.

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