Friday, May 11, 2012

Cast. To be or not to be?

So yesterday was the day.  Finally it had arrived.  After almost 7 weeks.  Keeping it dry, no bike riding, no scooter riding, no swimming, no NOTHING really.  And we even planned a Mother's Day trip overnight to the beach......sand, water, fun!
Daddy took Dominic in to get his cast removed.  I went to work to avoid any vacation time loss.  Kevin is an awesome daddy and I knew he could handle it.  Kevin was also behind the camera that day.
About to start the removal.............
This was his second cast and I have not been there for either removal.  Daddy can work from home versus my hourly wages so he has taken the reins on this one.  His face looks a bit frightened.
When I uploaded the pictures he explained to me he really DID NOT like it when they started the saw to remove them.  Just to clarify the tool they use looks like a little electric saw but is really all done by vibration, ahhh-mazing!  You can see she "saws" down each side and I assume to pull it apart.
Cast gone!
This is where I am told things went South.....like nose dive type South.  Doc x-rayed and said the bone was still not healed!  BUMMER x 100!!!!!!!!
There are no more photos after the bad news.  When Daddy called me to tell me I could hear D just crying and crying in the background.  He was so upset that he had to get another one put on.  This time we went with a waterproof cast for $60 o.o.p. (out of pocket).  Wish we would have known that 7 weeks ago!  Now he can submerge in the bath but we did cancel the beach trip because obviously no sand, etc and just the hindering of another cast.  Doc says 2 more weeks and that will make 9 weeks thus far.  Lord help it heal and help me cope.

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