Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cast is off! And Memorial Weekend

Last Thursday we were scheduled to go back to the Orthopaedic Surgeon to again hopefully get D's cast removed. Honestly I was not getting too excited because I did not want to re-live the hype from 2 weeks prior that ended in dooms day.
Based on my husband's description of the x-ray 2 weeks prior it seemed hard to believe that just 2 more weeks (not the first SEVEN) would carry us over the threshold to freedom, a.k.a. getting the dern thing off.
I am proud to say bring on the hype!  The arm is healed and the cast was removed!  Praise the Lord. I have never broken a bone and this is my only child so I had no idea what to expect.  I can tell you I did not expect the whole arm to be sunburned red in color and completely rashed.  Poor.Little.Dude. Looking back a waterproof cast is so two thousand twelve BUT how dry could the arm really get inside?  Apparently not dry enough, hence the rash.  We were given a topical healing agent like Neosporin but also an antibiotic just to prevent any infection.  This was Thursday a.m. and the antibiotic was Kelfex. Cue: Friday morning, covered in hives.  The party never stops at the Mero house.
Let me back up.  There are no photos.  For the non blogging, non record keeping husband I just knew it was not good to ask him to perform this duty again, especially after the break down last time.  So I must document this in writing for our records. 
After the first morning we stopped the Keflex (which ironic enough I am also allergic to) and switched to Bactrim.  Two days of Bactrim and the arm was looking tons better but the hives were looking worse.  Cue: Saturday afternoon MEMORIAL WEEKEND. Yep. We just decided to stop the meds all together.  The arm was really improving.  Sunday we decided to head to the pool for 2 full hours of fun.  Hives + chlorine =major itching.  It did not even occur to me, I felt so bad.  The pharmacist at CVS suggested hydrocortisone and said my husband was the third person that asked about hives and what to apply.  Weird.
Sunday evening the boys set up the living room for camping.  That involved some junk food, pushing the couches together and bonding with fun and a movie.

Monday we decided to bike ride. We are out of options. 90% of Memorial Weekend activities involve water.  We brought a picnic lunch and loaded up the bikes and headed to a favorite park and trail.
Now this is quite the photo. In the foreground you will notice the mokey bars. "The Monkey Bars" where he broke his arm.  We skipped those, obviously, and went to the balance beam.  Better choice? Not sure but it felt better!
He played for a bit after lunch before we got on our bikes. 
Hi Mom. Okay Mom.  I am trying to balance here Mom.
Whoa, balance buddy!

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