Sunday, April 1, 2012

Broken Arm

"Well my friends, the time has come".....name that song. Lionel Richie maybe?
Well the time has come and having a busy little 6 yr old boy at the park for a nice fun family Sunday Funday turned into a broken arm.  Dang, it was inevitable it seemed.  All we ever say is "watch out", "be careful" and "STOP climbing on that!" 
We had just orderded the bike rack for the Tahoe, Daddy got it all mounted and figured out and I packed a picnic.  The day before the above mentioned 6 yr old got a new bike.  For those keeping track that is 4 bikes in 5 years.  He started with training wheels before his 2nd bday and learned how to ride without training wheels when he was 3. He keeps growing like a weed and his daddy said it was time for another b/c the chain on the last one kept falling off.  I was hesitant but the little guy had gift cards from his bday for Target so we pushed forward to the store.  Long story short, new bike last Saturday, one good ride on the trails that day, then off to the E.R.  All our bikes AND the new bike rack shall sit idle for the entire Spring which in Houston is one of only two seasons (Fall time being the other) that you can ride a bike and picnic in tolerable weather.  Six weeks for the cast, fyi....

This is the story:  At the park, just finishing a picnic lunch, 20 feet from the playground.  Kids and families here and there and us telling Dominic NOT to climb on the monkey bars but to wait for Daddy to help him.  We were still eating lunch and of course he was done. Together Daddy and I said this about ONE HUNDRED TIMES or more.  Next thing we know, he was up on the monkey bars and fell straight down on his left arm. Boom. Just like that. Daddy almost there. Surreal.
We head to the emergency room and yes he was borderline screaming all the way from the park. I am no doctor but this is what the x-ray showed:

Yes, that would be broken in half and next to that is a hair line fracture to the other bone (Ulna).
It did not take long for the boredom to set in.  Here he is pouting at home sitting outside about 2 hrs after we got home.  The ER put on a hard splint that allows for about 3 days of swelling before an actual cast is put on.
Trying to find things to do so here he is on the computer.
By Wednesday we had to see an Orthopedic Surgeon.  He was restless in that waiting room.
The doc would determine if he was ready for a hard cast or if any "setting of the bones" had to be done.  Thank goodness he did not have to be sedated for them to move the bones around.  His brake was okay the way it ended up for healing purposes.
Taking his splint off, he was a bit nervous and did say "Ouch" one time.  I felt bad for him.
Time for the cast.  It was an interesting process.  First this soft, sock like thinga majigey to keep him shielded from the hard plaster cast.
He picked the color orange.  She takes the roll of orange cast stuff and runs it under the faucet to wet it real good then she begins wrapping it all around his arm.  Two rolls were used during the making of this cast!
All done and he was so excited for us to sign it!

By the time he got home from school that day it was a cast of pure graffiti!  He had everyone sign and is still soliciting signers.  It has been a busy week and he is starting to get sick of it.  Wish us luck for the next 5!

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