Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Not much happened for us but I did want to document what Dominic did!  I was just coming off a month of medical leave so the timing was just not condusive to taking a "vacation".  Thankfully my wonderful in-laws were open arms for us to send him there for a week so he could get a change of scenery and not have to go to daycare all day long.  We had to work the first 3 days of the week so we sent him to the hill country on Saturday.  He got to spend 5 full days being spoiled then Daddy and I came up on Thursday.  There are no pictures from the first five days since I was not there!
Being silly sticking his tongue out at me.  I know he did lots of shopping and eating out every day.  They also made cupcakes, worked puzzles and did some math (addition)
Feeding the deer is a favorite for him and lately he has taken to CHUNKING the deer corn in the air.  Whatever, the deer will find it.
He was playing catch with Daddy using those velcro pads and ball.
We came up Thursday and returned to Houston on Saturday, that way we still had Sunday to relax, do laundry, grocery shop and hang out.  We also put our house on the market the first of March so daddy has started back up with making his yard picture perfect.  It was nice to have an additional day once we returned.
And lastly, D has been begging for computer time but we have never let him.  He doesn't ask all the time but they do have computers in Kinder and a technology class once a week so he is very familiar with "passwords", "www" and hitting the "x" to exit.  Oh, and the mouse!
Boy have times changed!

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