Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

It is the rodeo but this post is really the HLS&R Carnival!  The best part, after all.  Actually we took D to the carnival and a concert last year and let's just say we still need to wait a few more years on the concert portion.....but the carnival, here we go!
It was a perfect day in Houston, Texas.  Cool and sunny!  Here we are arriving at the carnival.
My child is just funny.  Or maybe moody.  Or who knows.  He was all excited the night before about all the rides but when we got there NOTHING. Nada.  As his mom I have learned that I just kinda force him. And it works.  Every time.  That theory started at Disney last year.  He started in with the no way's and the I don't want to's and I thought to myself, heck if we paid all this money and you won't ride stuff.  Thus began the forcing.  And then the smiling.  And the excitement. And the "again, again's" so I know what I am doing, ha!
So I forced him up the steps for the potato sack slide.
And judge for yourself.  Who is lovin life?
And there he is front and center with Daddy on a coaster, again lovin life.
We rode the expensive Gondola across the whole park, what a view!

This my friends is the BIGGER potato sack ride.  So much bigger the potato sacks are leather, ha!
With Daddy having a blast!
And again smiling from ear to ear
Then we went inside to see the animals.  Look at this big mama with her sweet baby.  Love.
They had such beautiful animals inside competing for prizes and scholarship money.  D was amazed being that close.  If you ever stop in Houston in early March, won't you come to the rodeo!

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