Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Not much happened for us but I did want to document what Dominic did!  I was just coming off a month of medical leave so the timing was just not condusive to taking a "vacation".  Thankfully my wonderful in-laws were open arms for us to send him there for a week so he could get a change of scenery and not have to go to daycare all day long.  We had to work the first 3 days of the week so we sent him to the hill country on Saturday.  He got to spend 5 full days being spoiled then Daddy and I came up on Thursday.  There are no pictures from the first five days since I was not there!
Being silly sticking his tongue out at me.  I know he did lots of shopping and eating out every day.  They also made cupcakes, worked puzzles and did some math (addition)
Feeding the deer is a favorite for him and lately he has taken to CHUNKING the deer corn in the air.  Whatever, the deer will find it.
He was playing catch with Daddy using those velcro pads and ball.
We came up Thursday and returned to Houston on Saturday, that way we still had Sunday to relax, do laundry, grocery shop and hang out.  We also put our house on the market the first of March so daddy has started back up with making his yard picture perfect.  It was nice to have an additional day once we returned.
And lastly, D has been begging for computer time but we have never let him.  He doesn't ask all the time but they do have computers in Kinder and a technology class once a week so he is very familiar with "passwords", "www" and hitting the "x" to exit.  Oh, and the mouse!
Boy have times changed!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter decorations 2012

Most of these are from last year but a few are new.  This family of 3 is from last year and represents our family of 3!
The Easter tree below is new and came from the Dollar Tree.  It was a fun put together project for little man.
This big guy is also new and was $10 at Walgreens...........
Along with his girlfriend who was also $10.  They are about 3-4 ft tall and precious!
The wreath I added a few things to like the "M", some specialty easter eggs, pink mesh and boa feathers that were actually on hair clips for little girls!
And the two decorative sticks with pastel colors.

I found this ceramic little bunny at the Goodwill Store for $2 and snatched her right up.
Remember what the true meaning of Easter is all about!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

It is the rodeo but this post is really the HLS&R Carnival!  The best part, after all.  Actually we took D to the carnival and a concert last year and let's just say we still need to wait a few more years on the concert portion.....but the carnival, here we go!
It was a perfect day in Houston, Texas.  Cool and sunny!  Here we are arriving at the carnival.
My child is just funny.  Or maybe moody.  Or who knows.  He was all excited the night before about all the rides but when we got there NOTHING. Nada.  As his mom I have learned that I just kinda force him. And it works.  Every time.  That theory started at Disney last year.  He started in with the no way's and the I don't want to's and I thought to myself, heck if we paid all this money and you won't ride stuff.  Thus began the forcing.  And then the smiling.  And the excitement. And the "again, again's" so I know what I am doing, ha!
So I forced him up the steps for the potato sack slide.
And judge for yourself.  Who is lovin life?
And there he is front and center with Daddy on a coaster, again lovin life.
We rode the expensive Gondola across the whole park, what a view!

This my friends is the BIGGER potato sack ride.  So much bigger the potato sacks are leather, ha!
With Daddy having a blast!
And again smiling from ear to ear
Then we went inside to see the animals.  Look at this big mama with her sweet baby.  Love.
They had such beautiful animals inside competing for prizes and scholarship money.  D was amazed being that close.  If you ever stop in Houston in early March, won't you come to the rodeo!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Crazy Hat Day

During Dr Seuss week each day was a different theme.  One of the days was Crazy Hat Day.  What's a mama to do?  Head to Party City for starters and this is what we found.
In addition to Crazy Hat Day it was also someone's birthday!  Again, what's a mama to do?
Add a Happy Birthday hat to the crazy hat and make it crazier!
A little hot glue and we were in business.  Never mind that we had glitter falling from the hat everywhere.

He was one happy and excited kid and I was too.  Excited that I pulled it off the night before with only one stop at Party City and the trusty glue gun!  Happy Birthday to Dr Seuss and Dominic!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Dominic turns 6!

Welcome to the Home Depot birthday party! Picture overload!!

I will tell you all about it but first here are my two favorite boys.  The young one was feeling lovey before we left the house and his daddy was loving on him.  Wait.  The young one always wants hugs and kisses so this is nothing new really. We are lucky like that.
"I did not even know Home Depot did birthday parties".....That seemed to be the common quote from each parent that attended or that I told.  Truth be told, me either.  I was desperate for something new, a new party idea.  All of his parties (except #5 last year was at Disney) have been at our home and they were themed. We had either a bounce house or a clown or even a trackless train.  But, it was at our house which means major prep and major clean up. I went to my favorite source for information, Google!  I found a blog by a mom in another state who mentioned this.  She said that it was more of a Kids Workshop type birthday but that you really just need to go in and ask your local Depot if they would be willing.  I decided to start by just taking D to the Kids Workshop. They offer them the first Saturday of each month and they are free!  He LOVED IT so I found the right person to ask about a party.  Basically you just buy the kits and invite your friends on any other Saturday but the first one (since those are set aside for true workshops) and all of a sudden it's a party!  Not saying all of them would do this but the lady I spoke with was a gem and so helpful the entire time. 
I found a cupcake holder about 2 weeks before the party, thank goodness.  It was red and that was not going to match so I just spray painted it black.  I am sure it will be several different colors along the way :)
I had these food tents made by THIS Etsy vendor.  She did my custom foods and design and was easy to work with!  Below is a construction hat from the$1 store with puff cheetos.  I realize the tent says "Dump Truck Delight" but I was lacking a dump truck but didn't know it when I ordered.  We have had no less than 275 dump trucks in our house but I did cleaning when I was on leave and well, yes.......gone.
The chicken nuggets were "Boulders"
The chocolate donuts were "Truck Tires"
I am realizing my photography was less than up to par.....Anyway, this silver pale was from Goodwill and I spray painted it silver.  I used the same measuring tape I mentioned in this post and wrapped it around this pale also. This tent said "Screws" and they were the small pretzel rods.
Oh, there is a good picture of the cupcake tent!
I loved the cupcake toppers from Etsy vendor Southern Belle.  Again, easy to work with and loved the color, patterns and variety.
I went on line to Home Depot and bought the kits from the Kids Workshop section.  There are tons to chose from but I went with the fireboats. Mainly due to price!  I knew I would have to order 12 and at $9.98 pls tax that would be sufficient.  I also ordered the paint kit for $12 I believe.  They even let us decorate for the party the night before which was so helpful.  They supplied the hammers and orange aprons you see and anything else I asked for really!  They were great to say the least.

Dominic and his friend Chase.  Chase's mommy and I have been friends for years!
And with Chase's little sis, Carleigh who is 2 and full of precious curls!
Our neighbors Ashton and Austin
Miss Carleigh
Cousin Cole
Dominic and his Daddy building
Now time to move to the paint table!
Cousin Morgan smiling!
Cousin Gage loving building with his daddy!
And yes, I brought my hairdryer because that is what they did at the Workshop!
My Bubba's boat!
His BFF from school, sweet Caleb!
Singing Happy Birthday to our sweet 6 year old!
Me helping him read his cards and open gifts!
My baby had a wonderful time and I loved that it was smaller than all of the other parties. It was definitely more manageable! 

Happy 6th Birthday Dominic!
Love, Daddy & Mommy