Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day is next week but I must admit, the day I took the Christmas Tree down was the same day I put up the first of my Valentines decorations!  If I am already in the seasonal closet and have to remove all the Christmas tubs, etc I might as well pull out the next one. So I did.
LOVE this heart. Come to think of it, LOVE any hearts.
Also LOVE the little boy in this frame.
I showed you when I made these tissue paper hearts HERE

Saw this last year at CVS but was too cheap to purchase it. Sad, I know, especially since it was only $10.  This year it was not going to pass me by! I knew I could add ribbon to it and exactly where to put it.
This was a $5 find at Homegoods right after Christmas.  I love using candlesticks for height so I put it right on top of one I had.
The full mantle.  I love the hanging heart. I showed you the printable that is in the black frame
Found this little heart at the dollar store.
I couldn't drape it around the candlestick so I just picked up the candle and stuck the small ribbon holder under the candle to hold it down.
Nothing says Valentine's like K-I-S-S.  This was an after season sale at Hob Lob for 50% off.  Only a few dollars, of course!
Another dollar store find, these precious little hearts.
Since I have been home all day for a few weeks and have spent much more time in the kitchen, I stuck them right in my little faux plant on my counter so I can see it all the time. Makes me happy.
And my little potted plant that I bought maybe 6-8 months ago and I just change the ribbon around it according to the holiday!
Last but not least, I showed you the printable in the half bath but I also have a cute little heart hand towel that stays crumbled up most times from the little 5 yr old but I ahem, straightened it for the photo. ha!

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