Friday, February 3, 2012

Pansy Pretties

You know it's Janaury/February when you see the Pansy's out at Home Depot, Lowes or the local Garden Center.  I love to plant them.  They are cheap, pretty and easy!  I usually just plant a handful by my front walk way for some color from February until April or May.
Such a vibrant purple.  I love it mixed with yellow ones.
And to add some color to the back patio, I planted some in these 3 planters that were empty.
It has actually rained a lot lately so these guys are doing good.  Only problem is, it's so hot here in Houston we are using our air conditioners right now.  Not sure how my pansy's will fare with all this warm weather.  I know they thrive when it's cold, you know, the way February should be!

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