Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Centerpiece

Every year I like to make some sort of centerpiece for the food table that involves the theme of the party. I already showed you the Kids At Work sign that I made HERE.  I brought down other supplies that I thought I could use to make something, see below.  I knew I would not use it all but it was a start.
I love these letters.  I bought two packs for D's 1st birthday party to personalize gift bags and I am still using them 5 yrs later for other projects!
This was a $2 silver pale from Goodwill.  After some black spray paint it looks shiny and new
I added some stuffing that won't show but to bring height to what I was making.
Then some tissue paper to cover the stuffing.
At first I was thinking about the Kids at Work sign for the wall above the table but then decided it would look better as part of the centerpiece. Then I added Bob the Builder.  I have gone back and forth with the fact that Bob blocks the bottom of the sign but I got over it.  Everyone knows what it says!

Then I got really creative and added Daddy's measuring tape.  I love it!
I found this measuring tape at the teacher supply store.  It is literally tape so I wrapped it around the pale.
Here is my finished piece.  The party is this weekend with many more details!
And just because this face is super cute and we had ONE super cold day in Houston, here you go!

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