Wednesday, February 1, 2012

100 Days of Kinder

Know what today is?  Today is February 1st, two thousand and twelve!  Know what else today is?  The 100th DAY OF KINDERGARTEN IN OUR HOUSE!! And I am so so proud of my little guy who has not missed one day of school at all!

To celebrate day 100 the school really seems to go all out.  The Kinder kids were instructed to make a shirt with 100 items to commemorate the day.  They would be having a parade and everything so it was sure to be a fun filled day. 100 items is A LOT but yes you can use several small things.  And let me get on my "there are SO many options for Girls vs Boys" soap box because THERE IS.  It's not like I can put ribbon trim and bows and polka dots with zebra print on my boys shirt. And, every little item adds up so I was also shopping the house art supplies vs spending $$ at a store. Yes, we did buy some stuff.

Here is the front:
And here is the back.  Obviously I advised on only putting flat items on the back so he did not have to "lean" back on them all day. Smart, I know....ha!
Little D was also questioning my idea of tracing his hand as an "item". I thought it was creative myself.
He woke up happy and ready to wear his shirt today which was a huge plus for mama.  And I promised him a mohawk today. Best I can do with a little BOY....!
Happy 100th day little man.  Dad and I are so proud of you!

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