Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy 6th BIRTHDAY!

Today, this little guy turns six!
He has no clue his Daddy is going to surprise him at school with lunch and a cupcake!
Details from the big party coming soon!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthday Centerpiece

Every year I like to make some sort of centerpiece for the food table that involves the theme of the party. I already showed you the Kids At Work sign that I made HERE.  I brought down other supplies that I thought I could use to make something, see below.  I knew I would not use it all but it was a start.
I love these letters.  I bought two packs for D's 1st birthday party to personalize gift bags and I am still using them 5 yrs later for other projects!
This was a $2 silver pale from Goodwill.  After some black spray paint it looks shiny and new
I added some stuffing that won't show but to bring height to what I was making.
Then some tissue paper to cover the stuffing.
At first I was thinking about the Kids at Work sign for the wall above the table but then decided it would look better as part of the centerpiece. Then I added Bob the Builder.  I have gone back and forth with the fact that Bob blocks the bottom of the sign but I got over it.  Everyone knows what it says!

Then I got really creative and added Daddy's measuring tape.  I love it!
I found this measuring tape at the teacher supply store.  It is literally tape so I wrapped it around the pale.
Here is my finished piece.  The party is this weekend with many more details!
And just because this face is super cute and we had ONE super cold day in Houston, here you go!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First day Back

Today was my first day back at work in 4 weeks, 1 day.  It was surreal in a way.  I knew the day would come and sure enough, it did. I had found my new normal after being released from the hospital and on medical leave from work.  I created a new routine for myself and that included daily walks to keep moving and not show so many signs of 14 days of steroids.

The Lord has blessed me with about 75% of my vision back.  That is amazing considering where I was 4 weeks and 1 day ago.  I am so thankful.  The doctor says it should continue to heal.

One thing I am today: Tired. Yes, it was good to return to reality but reality kicked my booty today. I don't think it will be too long before I call it a night and get ready for reality day #2. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day is next week but I must admit, the day I took the Christmas Tree down was the same day I put up the first of my Valentines decorations!  If I am already in the seasonal closet and have to remove all the Christmas tubs, etc I might as well pull out the next one. So I did.
LOVE this heart. Come to think of it, LOVE any hearts.
Also LOVE the little boy in this frame.
I showed you when I made these tissue paper hearts HERE

Saw this last year at CVS but was too cheap to purchase it. Sad, I know, especially since it was only $10.  This year it was not going to pass me by! I knew I could add ribbon to it and exactly where to put it.
This was a $5 find at Homegoods right after Christmas.  I love using candlesticks for height so I put it right on top of one I had.
The full mantle.  I love the hanging heart. I showed you the printable that is in the black frame
Found this little heart at the dollar store.
I couldn't drape it around the candlestick so I just picked up the candle and stuck the small ribbon holder under the candle to hold it down.
Nothing says Valentine's like K-I-S-S.  This was an after season sale at Hob Lob for 50% off.  Only a few dollars, of course!
Another dollar store find, these precious little hearts.
Since I have been home all day for a few weeks and have spent much more time in the kitchen, I stuck them right in my little faux plant on my counter so I can see it all the time. Makes me happy.
And my little potted plant that I bought maybe 6-8 months ago and I just change the ribbon around it according to the holiday!
Last but not least, I showed you the printable in the half bath but I also have a cute little heart hand towel that stays crumbled up most times from the little 5 yr old but I ahem, straightened it for the photo. ha!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pansy Pretties

You know it's Janaury/February when you see the Pansy's out at Home Depot, Lowes or the local Garden Center.  I love to plant them.  They are cheap, pretty and easy!  I usually just plant a handful by my front walk way for some color from February until April or May.
Such a vibrant purple.  I love it mixed with yellow ones.
And to add some color to the back patio, I planted some in these 3 planters that were empty.
It has actually rained a lot lately so these guys are doing good.  Only problem is, it's so hot here in Houston we are using our air conditioners right now.  Not sure how my pansy's will fare with all this warm weather.  I know they thrive when it's cold, you know, the way February should be!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

100 Days of Kinder

Know what today is?  Today is February 1st, two thousand and twelve!  Know what else today is?  The 100th DAY OF KINDERGARTEN IN OUR HOUSE!! And I am so so proud of my little guy who has not missed one day of school at all!

To celebrate day 100 the school really seems to go all out.  The Kinder kids were instructed to make a shirt with 100 items to commemorate the day.  They would be having a parade and everything so it was sure to be a fun filled day. 100 items is A LOT but yes you can use several small things.  And let me get on my "there are SO many options for Girls vs Boys" soap box because THERE IS.  It's not like I can put ribbon trim and bows and polka dots with zebra print on my boys shirt. And, every little item adds up so I was also shopping the house art supplies vs spending $$ at a store. Yes, we did buy some stuff.

Here is the front:
And here is the back.  Obviously I advised on only putting flat items on the back so he did not have to "lean" back on them all day. Smart, I know....ha!
Little D was also questioning my idea of tracing his hand as an "item". I thought it was creative myself.
He woke up happy and ready to wear his shirt today which was a huge plus for mama.  And I promised him a mohawk today. Best I can do with a little BOY....!
Happy 100th day little man.  Dad and I are so proud of you!