Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Window Mis-Treatments

All over blog land you have seen the term, "Window Mis-Treatments".  In short, I believe that means no fuss, no sew type something or others covering your windows! Well, again we have been in this house 6 years and are ready to put it on the market soon so I definitely was not going to spend a lot of money and it had to be something I could take or leave when the time comes.  
And I am no dummy, for showing purposes obviously window coverings could only help!  So I set out to get something up in our very large (size of 2 actual) dining room/s.  I love this home and the architecture of it and always will.  Too bad I can't take it with me and place it somewhere else in God's perfect land.  This room was a very large, very useful play room for the first 4 years.  It held bounce houses, riding toys, shelves, books, tables, you name it.  It was actually very handy.  Once the playroom dissolved we never made the plunge into a full on dining/ sitting room because deep down we knew we would be moving sooner than later.  So it has sat empty at times but we have had a lot of birthday parties, many Christmas dinners and various other dinner parties in there too along the way.

There are 4 windows total.  Two on each wall.

During a recent trip to Hob Lob I purchased some fabric for $9.99 per yd, less 40% off coupon.  I needed 5 yds to make sure I had enough for the 4 windows with a little gather in between on each. I also purchased this tassle for $3.99 per yd, less 30% on sale.
I laid it out on the carpet and cut the tassle the length of the 4 even sections of material I had the lady cut at Hob Lob.
This is where I should have gone straight to my trusty glue gun, but nooo.
I thought I would use this no sew glue to fold over the edges smoothly and that was a huge fail.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  Actually I was just making this whole mis-treatment thing way more difficult than it really needed to be!
Once I got smart, I used some iron on adhesive stuff to iron the rough edges over smoothly then just used the glue gun to adhere the tassle to the bottom.
After that I just took out my little package of black tacks and tacked them up once on the left and once on the right then in the middle to get it all straight (sort of) then I could tack the left side and right side accordingly.
They are a little rough around the edges but darn it if they did not add some warmth to my big room right away!  And I only had time to get 2 windows done today.  I despise carry over projects!! I want it all done while the mess it out.  Nothing like having to clean it all up just to get it all back out tomorrow but I can't chance leaving it out for little man to rummage thru when he gets home from school!  ha!
So, two down and two to go......success!
Of course I would have rather purchased some more beautiful panels like I did HERE but that would have involved spending an additional $100 which was not necessary.  This project cost $13 per window when all was said and done.  My supplies included fabric for the window, tassle for fabric bottom, black window tacks, hammer, glue gun and a measuring tape!

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