Monday, January 9, 2012

Vday art project

The same day the Texans were going to play in their first playoff game, I knew I had to find something for the 5 yr old to do.  Art projects, he loves them!  I thought I had this all mapped out in my little head.
I got this idea from ERIN who has 3 kids of her own.  In fact, she has one little boy that rocks her world!  Just like so many of us it seems, with boys.
Here is what you need:
I decided to wait until he could not entertain himself any longer so about 5 minutes into the game I could tell it was time.  I told him to clean up some of his "toys" and we could do a project.  At first he was raring to go.  Trace 5 hearts Mom?  No problem.
Now what Mom?  Cut them out Mom?  Ok. zoom, zoom....cutting feverishly!
Now put some glue on a paper plate, wrap a piece of tissue paper that you have already spent more time than you have cutting into squares, around the eraser, dip into the glue then wipe some off.
Now start sticking these on the perimeter of your heart.  Aw, cute huh?  Yes, very cute.  Too much for my hyper 5 yr old boy? YES.  He lost patience after about 5 minutes of glueing the tissue.  He could not get the tissue onto the pencil and if he did, he put way too much glue.  Sure, he called my name a million times but the point was for me to WATCH THE GAME WITH DADDY.
I sat with him to encourage him.  Mine was the pink one and his was the red.  See the difference?

Needless to say, I finished them both.  It was time consuming even for me.  Erin had 7 of these suckers and she made a heart banner for her mantle!  More power to you girl but all we got were two. I just taped them to two tall decorative pieces in front of our TV so I can admire all that work!
Moral of the story?  Good news - the Texans WON!!!!  On to round two next weekend.  BTHO Baltimore!

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