Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentines Day Printables

Since I have a lot of time right now to do crafty things around the house I decided why not try some Valentines Day printables?  Shannon always has the cutest little ideas so I decided to try them.
If there is one thing I have plenty of, it seems to be picture frames.  I was not sure how they would work just using our home printer and I did not want to waste too much ink.

I had this perfect little white frame so I printed out the first one.  Too big I might add so I tried again and ended up with this.

 Nothing says Valentines more than a white frame with red letters, right?

I also had this 8x10 black frame and this printable used pink and red ink.  I *spy* other V-day decor that I will share later!

Since I was not about to waste the first little one that I printed I found another frame and used it even though if you look closely the top is cut off.  Egh, adds character, who cares?

And it just so happens to sit fine in our half bath where there is already a heart themed Amore print that resides in there permanently. Perfect!  The Amore print was $5 at Hob Lob because the big 3D heart in the center was coming off so I just brought her right home and hot glued it back on and voila!

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