Friday, January 13, 2012

Home Depot Kids Workshop

Did you know Home Depot has a Kid's Workshop the first Saturday of every month?  I am sure you have seen the signs but like me, maybe never really researched.  Or maybe you have and you are thinking welcome to the party Summer.

We went the first Satuday in January.  Dominic is shy in new places and with new kids but I know we have to push him sometimes.  It's not like we were throwing him to a pack of wolves.

You could tell a few kids had been before.  They supply the cutest little orange Home Depot aprons and you get a pin for your apron each time you attend a workshop.  The pin has the item you built that day.

Home Depot supplies each child a kit with the necessary tools and even paint to finish off your project.  It was great!  This kit was a "Savings Shed", aka a little piggy bank.  And it's totally FREE.  How 'bout them apples?

I did not want to detail this post too much and you will see why in the next few weeks.  But I can tell you that this little boy did not remove the apron, except for bathtime, the entire weekend.  I'll say he did just fine in his new little environment.  You can look on line and it will tell you what the next kit will be for the month.  The next one is Valentine related, check it out!

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