Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Well Soon Flowers

In addition to many calls, emails and text messages checking in on me I have also received some beautiful flowers and a plant.  I am in awe sometimes of just how nice and caring people are.  I don't like to be the center of anything or on the receiving end but I just wanted a place to remember and document this little journey I am now on.

Take a look for yourself, this first one says it all from my boys!

Love the bright cheerful colors....reminds me of Texas....

These are from my sweet neighbors, thank you Eric and Bru!

This arrangement is from my work. Love the pale colors all together and they still look great 7 days later.

This huge arrangement is from my husbands work.  It was so thoughtful and caring of them to send them to me.

They actually look like they just arrived today too.  I changed out all the water in each and cleaned out any dead flowers and greenery and it's like I am in a florist!

And the smell of these Stargazer lillies just fills my kitchen and living room. I am getting spoiled here...

This plant arrived today from my sweet friend at work and her husband.  Thank you Ms Dena and Jim Rich.  What a nice surprise this delivery was!  These flowers and plants are good for my soul!

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