Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY moss balls

I keep seeing greenery along the lines of Moss Balls out there in blog land and they add so much to a darker OR lighter room.  I did not want to run out and spend the money on the moss ball topiary's until I tried some DIY'er things first.  I saw faux moss balls at Hob Lob but the green was so GREEN.  Not mossy green so I skipped on those for now.

Here are my DIY supplies. I used a 4o% coupon at Hob Lob for the Reindeer Moss, bought the 2 foam balls and already had the spray glue.
I never spent any time in the moss section so this was a neat discovery.
Two foam balls the size you prefer.
And the spray adhesive I already had.  EPIC FAIL!  The spray adhesive just stuck to my fingers and kept pulling off what little Moss I could get on.  I was spinning my wheels and getting frustrated.  It was only THEN that I read the directions on the Moss.  READ FIRST, I still can't remember this sometimes.  It suggested the glue gun!  Really, what an obvious choice!
Here we go, about to give it a whirl.
Much better, although here it just looks like a bald man with a mustache, ha!
I completed two in record time with a 5 yr old very near and trying to help.  They are not perfect in a round sense of the word BUT they are mine and I like them.  I like the imperfectness.
I just did this last weekend and plan to do more.  Of course they will look good in bowls too but I like the height of filling candlesticks.

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