Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breakfast area window treatments

I have thought long and hard about this project too.  Our kitchen table has 4 multi colored chairs and the light over the table has 4 cobalt blue sconces.  That was then.  We have had the table about 8 years and it worked fine until recently.  My color palette is ever changing and let's just say this is too much color. The table is perfect for raising a child though.  It has many scratches, some marker and various other flaws one might endure with a beating.  So, no sense in buying a new one now.  I just have to work around it.  A few months ago I repainted the kitchen to a softer tan which looks much better with dark cabinets and black granite.  And for any future buyer!
But, the windows are sparce....they are just begging for somethin'.
I saw this idea over at Bless Our Nest.  I spotted these 5 loop decorative wall pieces at Hobby Lobby.
For 50% off = $6 and I bought two.
I had to hunt for these and found them on sale at JCPenny for $32 per panel and they are lined! The color of the panels had a coffee name, maybe frappuccino? I ironed them and laid them out flat to attach the round clip hooks from Bed,Bath & Beyond.

By the Grace of God, they measured just right.  From the tip of the wrought iron flush against the ceiling to the tile floor was exactly how much length I needed.....seriously!  That was luck......And K hit a stud on both of them so they went up in a jiffy!
Up close.....
Love them.  They add such warmth to the area and of course they can travel with me when we move.

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