Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bring It On!

Saturday we had tickets to the musical "Bring it On!" We purchased them a few months ago thinking it would be something D would be interested in.  He loves music and dancing and this was along those lines so we bought them.

I was excited to get out of the house and my vision is slowly returning in my right eye, I am about 50% of the way back!  D enjoyed about the first 30 minutes of the musical but during the parts where they have dialogue instead of sing and dance, he was antsy.  Thank goodness they have an intermission half way thru but let's just say he fell asleep on my arm during the second half.  He was that BORED, can you believe it?  Only my child.......
After that we enjoyed a nice dinner at Carabba's Italian Restaurant before heading home.
On Sunday the weather was so beautiful here, sunny and a clear crisp 60 degrees, that we decided to head to the park. On the way, K stopped at Target to buy a basketball.  A real basketball, the big boy kind.  He was determined to find hoops somewhere that day that we could all shoot at.  After playing at the park for a few hours while D rode both his scooter and his bike, we found a basketball hoop.

He didn't even take his helmet and pads off from riding the scooter before he wanted to move on to basketball!
Daddy showing us his skills!

I just love all the facial expressions I was able to capture on this Sunday Family Funday!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Prepping for 6!

My boy is about to turn SIX. Say it ain't so. Mama is getting ready.  Here is a sneak peek at the theme.

And from Etsy Shop Sensational Shirts

 Too cute.....Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Window Mis-Treatments

All over blog land you have seen the term, "Window Mis-Treatments".  In short, I believe that means no fuss, no sew type something or others covering your windows! Well, again we have been in this house 6 years and are ready to put it on the market soon so I definitely was not going to spend a lot of money and it had to be something I could take or leave when the time comes.  
And I am no dummy, for showing purposes obviously window coverings could only help!  So I set out to get something up in our very large (size of 2 actual) dining room/s.  I love this home and the architecture of it and always will.  Too bad I can't take it with me and place it somewhere else in God's perfect land.  This room was a very large, very useful play room for the first 4 years.  It held bounce houses, riding toys, shelves, books, tables, you name it.  It was actually very handy.  Once the playroom dissolved we never made the plunge into a full on dining/ sitting room because deep down we knew we would be moving sooner than later.  So it has sat empty at times but we have had a lot of birthday parties, many Christmas dinners and various other dinner parties in there too along the way.

There are 4 windows total.  Two on each wall.

During a recent trip to Hob Lob I purchased some fabric for $9.99 per yd, less 40% off coupon.  I needed 5 yds to make sure I had enough for the 4 windows with a little gather in between on each. I also purchased this tassle for $3.99 per yd, less 30% on sale.
I laid it out on the carpet and cut the tassle the length of the 4 even sections of material I had the lady cut at Hob Lob.
This is where I should have gone straight to my trusty glue gun, but nooo.
I thought I would use this no sew glue to fold over the edges smoothly and that was a huge fail.  I have no idea what I was thinking.  Actually I was just making this whole mis-treatment thing way more difficult than it really needed to be!
Once I got smart, I used some iron on adhesive stuff to iron the rough edges over smoothly then just used the glue gun to adhere the tassle to the bottom.
After that I just took out my little package of black tacks and tacked them up once on the left and once on the right then in the middle to get it all straight (sort of) then I could tack the left side and right side accordingly.
They are a little rough around the edges but darn it if they did not add some warmth to my big room right away!  And I only had time to get 2 windows done today.  I despise carry over projects!! I want it all done while the mess it out.  Nothing like having to clean it all up just to get it all back out tomorrow but I can't chance leaving it out for little man to rummage thru when he gets home from school!  ha!
So, two down and two to go......success!
Of course I would have rather purchased some more beautiful panels like I did HERE but that would have involved spending an additional $100 which was not necessary.  This project cost $13 per window when all was said and done.  My supplies included fabric for the window, tassle for fabric bottom, black window tacks, hammer, glue gun and a measuring tape!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentines Day Printables

Since I have a lot of time right now to do crafty things around the house I decided why not try some Valentines Day printables?  Shannon always has the cutest little ideas so I decided to try them.
If there is one thing I have plenty of, it seems to be picture frames.  I was not sure how they would work just using our home printer and I did not want to waste too much ink.

I had this perfect little white frame so I printed out the first one.  Too big I might add so I tried again and ended up with this.

 Nothing says Valentines more than a white frame with red letters, right?

I also had this 8x10 black frame and this printable used pink and red ink.  I *spy* other V-day decor that I will share later!

Since I was not about to waste the first little one that I printed I found another frame and used it even though if you look closely the top is cut off.  Egh, adds character, who cares?

And it just so happens to sit fine in our half bath where there is already a heart themed Amore print that resides in there permanently. Perfect!  The Amore print was $5 at Hob Lob because the big 3D heart in the center was coming off so I just brought her right home and hot glued it back on and voila!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get Well Soon Flowers

In addition to many calls, emails and text messages checking in on me I have also received some beautiful flowers and a plant.  I am in awe sometimes of just how nice and caring people are.  I don't like to be the center of anything or on the receiving end but I just wanted a place to remember and document this little journey I am now on.

Take a look for yourself, this first one says it all from my boys!

Love the bright cheerful colors....reminds me of Texas....

These are from my sweet neighbors, thank you Eric and Bru!

This arrangement is from my work. Love the pale colors all together and they still look great 7 days later.

This huge arrangement is from my husbands work.  It was so thoughtful and caring of them to send them to me.

They actually look like they just arrived today too.  I changed out all the water in each and cleaned out any dead flowers and greenery and it's like I am in a florist!

And the smell of these Stargazer lillies just fills my kitchen and living room. I am getting spoiled here...

This plant arrived today from my sweet friend at work and her husband.  Thank you Ms Dena and Jim Rich.  What a nice surprise this delivery was!  These flowers and plants are good for my soul!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Finding my new "normal"

Today is my first day home alone since being admitted into the hospital last week after losing my vision in my right eye.

I have been through a lot in the last week or so and so has my family.  I know this has been hard on them too.  And now I sit here and wonder, what is my new normal?  How will I learn to relax so that I can heal at home before returning to work?

Of course the coming weeks are filled with follow up doctor appts, existing doctor appts and just life in general.  Life does not stop and I don't want it to. I am a mover and a shaker who has gone to work everyday for the same company for nearly 18 years.

I know I can find my groove and continue to rest and heal.  Laying around all day is not my thing and I believe that would have a negative impact on my healing.  My family still needs to eat and they still need clean clothes.  Homework still has to get done. I can't really drive so that is going to weigh heavy on me but God has a plan.

I have this itty bitty feeling deep down that God had to say STOP......Slow down and smell the roses because life is too short.  So, I am doing just that.  

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Houston Texans in round two of Divisional play-offs!

We are on the road to the Super Bowl!  The city is all a buzz.  This has been 10 years in the making.
Won't you cheer for me and bring our team win #2 of Divisional Playoffs, one step closer to the Super Bowl?
Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens, are you ready for some football?


File:Baltimore Ravens logo.svg

Saturday, January 14, 2012

DIY moss balls

I keep seeing greenery along the lines of Moss Balls out there in blog land and they add so much to a darker OR lighter room.  I did not want to run out and spend the money on the moss ball topiary's until I tried some DIY'er things first.  I saw faux moss balls at Hob Lob but the green was so GREEN.  Not mossy green so I skipped on those for now.

Here are my DIY supplies. I used a 4o% coupon at Hob Lob for the Reindeer Moss, bought the 2 foam balls and already had the spray glue.
I never spent any time in the moss section so this was a neat discovery.
Two foam balls the size you prefer.
And the spray adhesive I already had.  EPIC FAIL!  The spray adhesive just stuck to my fingers and kept pulling off what little Moss I could get on.  I was spinning my wheels and getting frustrated.  It was only THEN that I read the directions on the Moss.  READ FIRST, I still can't remember this sometimes.  It suggested the glue gun!  Really, what an obvious choice!
Here we go, about to give it a whirl.
Much better, although here it just looks like a bald man with a mustache, ha!
I completed two in record time with a 5 yr old very near and trying to help.  They are not perfect in a round sense of the word BUT they are mine and I like them.  I like the imperfectness.
I just did this last weekend and plan to do more.  Of course they will look good in bowls too but I like the height of filling candlesticks.