Monday, December 31, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I can't help but get up early on Christmas to get the video camera ready and the regular camera ready! I peeked in on my bubby and he jumped right up so I knew he was just laying there.  He was so patient while we woke everyone else up and I told him no peeking into the living room.  He is a doll.  FINALLY it was go time.  I just heard, "I knew he was going to bring me that" over and over about everything, it was so stinkin' cute! Of course the big green machine in the picture and there was also a remote control helicopter!
He got a beloved official MLS Dynamo jersey and also in there was a new Texans jersey.  He was so excited.  Again, patient as he passed out gifts and let everyone go around and open instead of just diggin in.  Such a sweet tender heart. He did get a little excited and confused on the "to" and "from" and if his name was on either he gave the gift to himself, ha! We had to re-direct some gifts!
Tons of coloring, tracing and art supplies - TONS!
Hubby has been mentioning a pea coat for years but it's never really THAT cold here in Houston.  I finally found one that I thought was perfect for him on sale and with an extra coupon at Macy's so I had to get it.  It fits perfect and he loved it, awesome!  Here he is with his pj's on, pea coat and trying to fly the helicopter in the house.
Christmas Day was sunny and cold and extremely windy all day long so he could not fly his new helicopter at all.  But we did take the green machine out for a bit and I got some video and still photos.
Our old neighbors bought him some goalie gloves and a new soccer ball for Christmas.  The goalie gloves did not come off for 3 days unless he showered.  So of course more soccer outside.
The sun was setting on his sweet face here.....
 The following day the wind stopped so we drove to an open area to fly the helicopter.  They tried earlier that morning and it got stuck in the first tree!
I heard a lot of, "Dad, let me!"
Later that evening we made a fire in the chimnea as the sun went down....
 And one last attempt at soccer.....
 It was a wonderful Christmas and there was lots more after that.  Looks like this is all I will get posted for 2012 since tomorrow is New Years Day.  I will post the rest but it just takes time!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

We made our way to Kerrville again this year since we are living in the small apartment.  I made cookies for Santa with my baby.
This baby....
My one and only baby that I love with all my heart!

 And Elfie made it all the way from Houston, surprise!
Love these ornaments on my MIL's tree...

Time to frost....
Make a mess.....

And lick every other time or EVERY time, whichever :)
And because life is always so busy and mama forgot the sprinkles at home, HEB in Kerrville only had patriotic sprinkles left, Santa is not partial!

 Then my babes got behind the camera....
Then back to mama after bath and in Christmas jammies!
And Oh! I spy a geen machine and a helicopter!

 Twas' the night before Christmas!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

1st grade Christmas party

Friday was of course the last day before Winter Break so that was also the day of D's Christmas party.  Last year my husband was not able to go but this year he was so it was nice for us to both attend.  The homeroom mom kicked booty this year with these awesome gift bags and the whole party. I did not realize this was an Elf on the Shelf and everyone got one in their gift bag. We had just discussed doing the whole elf thing but we had not bought it yet. Good thing.  I emptied his favor bag when we got home and strategically placed this elf over a small table top Christmas tree and apparently nobody saw me. The next thing I know, Dominic is mesmorized with this magic elf!  He has been with us now for 3 days and he moves around at times. It's so funny that this turned into something so K and I just ran with it!
Back to the party!  Here is my big first grader.  He could hardly stand still long enough for me to get this photo in his classroom, he was so excited.
So happy to see his Daddy too....
Each kiddo got an elf hat to wear....

 Me and my little love.......
His best bud Noah.....
They had ice cream sundaes then they made marshmellow snowmen with chocolate rollo hats dipped in chocolate sprinkles.  It was a very cute project for them!

Dominic and Aiden......
Trying to get a class photo, trying.....
Trying to pin the nose on the Snowman BLIND FOLDED!

Homeroom Mom Heather with sweet little Miss Myla!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Teacher Christmas baskets

I always like to make a little something for all of D's teachers, whether they are at daycare or big boy school.  Here is what I made for the daycare teachers this year.  There are 2 girls and 1 boy.  I saw these precious santa baskets in the $1 section of Target a while back so I picked them up because I knew I would use them for the teachers. I also bought each a candy cane filled with skittles, a lotion and spray from Bath and Body works and some wonderful peppermint bark.
I stuffed them with shredded paper first.

Then I added all the goodies!
They came out really cute and I think the total spent on 3 teachers was $30, not bad!

I also purchased a box of Christmas cards in the $1 section of Target since all my supplies are boxed up in storage right now.

And this is the first card Dominic signed, PRECIOUS!