Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We were off to Kerrville for Thanksgiving again this year.  As a special treat, my BIL and sweet nephew also came up.
Here are MeMe and Papa's two grandsons.  Dominic is 5 and Cory is 21!

We don't get to see them very often so this was a special time of bonding for Dominic with his older cousin.  Two handsome boys.
Daddy and I brought him back a shirt from Vegas.  His school mascot is the bulldogs and the theme song is "Who let the Dogs out?" Shirt was a perfect find!
And he had more dog time than he could have wished for!  Of course there was sweet Sasha who tolerates him and actually appears to enjoy him most of the time.......
Cory giving sweet kisses to his MeMe....
All of the boys outside.  My BIL Kenny, Kevin, Dominic and Cory.
Kenny and Cory brought Rocco, the 120 lb black lab.  Funny thing is, Rocco was ours once upon a time.  I was pregnant and K wanted a puppy.  Now tell me, does that formula truly add up?  Thankfully he called Kenny who already owned a dog or two and he agreed to take him so he stayed in the family.  Very sweet and loving dog, just very big.
I finally got perfect lighting outside and K's eyes were almost closed!  But look at that sweet face on the 5 year old.....
Uncle Kenny brought his new motorcycle....

And you know who was tickled to ride!
Hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving.  I know we did and we are truly BLESSED.

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