Sunday, December 4, 2011

Las Vegas

This year we celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in Las Vegas.  We had not been since we were dating 9 years ago so we knew it would have different things to experience.  We had a great time and let's just say we are good for another 10....ha!

We stayed at the Mirage this time.  I stayed there about 18 years ago and at the time, saw Siegfreid and Roy.  There are no more tigers as you enter the hotel but you can pay a pretty penny to experience the Siegfried and Roy Secret Garden.  Um, no thanks.

Moving on.  Here is our room, they were very nice, very modern and we had a view of the strip.

It's always nice cool weather when we celebrate with a November anniversary!

Beautiful hand painted ceiling at the Venetian.

And these guys sing loudly as they drive? the gondola's.

Now this was a neat sports bar.  We arrived on football Sunday so it was packed.  Lagasse, as in Emeril, is the owner.  There are tons of individual seating areas that have 4-6 seats each with your own personal TV.  They also have stadium seating and even personal outdoor seating with couches, etc and again the key, your OWN TV.  Big plus for sports fans.
One thing I remember was an area inside the Bellagio with thousands of fresh flowers.  Last time we went it was in May so it was more of a Summer time flower display.  This time it was obviously more Fall inspired. Here are fresh flower balls, if you will, hanging from the ceiling and smelling gorgeous. And yes, HELLO see thru black shirt. ugh.

Now this I loved.  A fall inspired Christmas tree, decorated in apples and ribbon since it was November.  I might just do one of these trees in my own home.
Check out this huge waterfall while people dine outside for lunch, gorgeous!
A view of the strip from one of the many "crossovers".  I do not remember those but they sure are helpful.
Handsome hubs with a view of the mountains in the back.  So different from our flatland in Texas!
It was of course our anniversary and we let them know, like every good traveler.  Champagne arrived on the first night as we were getting ready for dinner.
The one millioneth self timer photo with a nice flash return from the window.  We had dinner that night at the Mandalay Bay hotel at Fleur by Robert Keller.  I could not bring myself to carry the Canon thus, not one picture.  Just know it was delicious and we had a wonderful time alone....
Our hotel had a Carnegie Deli.  If the word New York comes to mind then, well it did for me too. Hubs would get us Starbucks coffee every morning next door to this deli and I had to hear about it multiple times a day.  In his defense it drew a large crowd every day.  We had breakfast there one morning and K snapped a photo of me and my swollen morning face.  Love you babe!
The next morning after Carnegie we decided to take the shuttle to downtown Vegas, the original Vegas.  Neither of us had been downtown.....aka Freemont Street. 

Ahhh, the Golden Nugget, a classic.
The pool area was quite spectacular!  The pool was heated, people were swimming and in the distance you see a large aquarium with all kinds of fish and a few small sharks.
This restaurant was also at Freemont Street and featured the Heart Attack Grill as seen on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  Read for yourself.

The next day we had lunch at Serendipity 3, next to Caesars.
We finally got someone who could take a photo of us.  I am always skeptical handing over the Canon.
Back to Bellagio because I do not have time to mess with the photos and Blogger right now.
Here is a large cornucopia with fresh flowers and real pumpkins.
Fresh flower pumpkin.

Again, all fresh flowers.
Look at the horses made out of greenery.
One of the best things we did was see Cirque du Soleil, Beatles LOVE.  If you ever have the chance, go for it!

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