Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kinder Christmas Party

I decided to take the whole day off the day of D's first "big school" party.  I signed up to volunteer helping with the set up as well as bringing a food item. There were a lot of parents that showed up! Our homeroom mom had a great idea for the teacher: a gift card wreath.  If you wanted to, you could donate a gift card of your choice for the wreath.  She attached them and presented it to his teacher at the party.  It came out really cute and I just loved the idea!
The craft project at the party was rice crispie snowmen.  They all had a fun time using the food supplies provided to come up with their own creations.  I worked with Dominic on his.  He was so excited I was there but he also had last day of school nervous energy! ha!

See that little smirk?  I love it!

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