Wednesday, December 14, 2011

It looks a teeny bit like Christmas!

We usually have everyone over for Christmas but not this year!  I could not justify putting out everything and you know what, I am FINE with that!  Actually it has been stress free knowing I was not going to have a house full.  I love having everyone here but this is a welcome break.

Of course there is a tree but it only has lights, ribbon, snowflakes and some balls.  I have two smaller trees that just stay decorated during storage so those came out as well.  Just a glimpse into what we have out.
Here is the tree with too much daylight/ flash.  The Santa pic is a new catalog purchase that came in the mail so he is on the mantel.
And here is no flash, much better.
Let me specify I was not going for a large candy cane in my living room "look". The white wire ribbon is new as I make my way to a lighter and brighter theme.  Golds, whites, creams, silver, etc.  Rome wasn't built in a day people.  This is 9 foot of goodness so it will take a while to affordably make it over, ha!  As in, after Christmas sales!
This guy was an after Christmas sale last year at Walgreens for $5, love those kinds of purchases!
I got out my silver trees, 3 nutcrackers and bought those two silver reindeer in the $1 section at Target.
That's it for the televisionscape....if you will.
There's the new picture plus my two gold trees and that completes the simple mantel.
A side shot of my trees that I might add were also an after Christmas sale a few years ago for just dollars! 
Frosty, love him on the stairs with the faux poinsettia's.  I believe he was a 50% off Hob Lob purchase because I guarantee you he was not full price.
I believe his reindeer buddy came home the same day.  I loved having these when D was little(er) because he truly believed they were little peeps like him.  He would hug them and kiss them.
This happens to be D's own tree.  All ornaments were either made by him, gifted to him or he picked out.  Except some ornamental balls.  I spy a Texans mini ornament!
These balls are huge.  They came 6 in a large tube at Costco AFTER CHRISTMAS for $10.  I used them on some candle pillars.

K decorated the outside lights except the second story.  He too agreed this year, less is more!
Enjoy the holidays everyone!


  1. Beautiful tree, love it! Happy Holidays! ~Liz

  2. stopping by from Kelly's Korner - your decorations are beautiful!

  3. Thanks Ladies and thanks for following! Merry Christmas to all!

  4. What a cute blog and cute little dude you have! Hey we share the same name ha! I just love your trees they are gorgeous!! I like the decor silver tress a lot! Did you get them from Pier One?? I am so gonna have to get some lol! Happy Holidays

  5. Summer, what a nice name! Ha, I hardly meet people who share the same name! Thank everyone for all the love and Happy Holidays!!

  6. Your tree is just beautiful! I love it! Your litte guy is so handsome, too!