Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Teacher gifts

Every year since D had his first Christmas, I have taken gifts to the teachers at his daycare.  Each room had 3-4 teachers at the time he was in that particular room and I know how hard they work!  I also know how much they appreciate and remember nice gestures! 
Bath and Body Works seemed to be appropriate and who doesn't want some of that goodness?  I have stayed with that theme varying the basket or stocking it was presented in.

This year I did not get around to BBW before the Christmas crowd...boo.  I was stressed, it was jam packed and I just could not get in my grove for being cost efficient.  When I arrived at the register with 5 teachers worth of goodies, let's just say it neared $100......I was about to faint until the sweet girl who was ringing me up offered to help.  She took the time to help me with 4 lines going and people everywhere.  She showed me better sale items by going a little smaller and changing the scent. God Bless her soul, I was so grateful and she got me down to $38!
Here are the supplies for the 4 daycare teachers.
Mandarin Lime Hand Cream
Mandarin Lime Body Wash

A card from Santa
A candy cane filled with Reese's or....
One filled with Kisses.....

Pretty holiday bags from Walgreens with some Christmas polka dot tissue and done!

In addition to his before and after school teachers, he has Mrs Murphy, his all day Kinder teacher. Of course her basket was going to contain a little more!  Stuff bottom with shredded easter type grass.
Carefully position cute items purchased.  Could these alpha chocolates be any more appropriate for a teacher, ha!  Score!
Heavy Duty Christmas kitchen towels
Cute binder clips in all sizes with a post it note holder to match, 2 BBW lotions and 1 BBW perfume spray, etc.  I somehow forgot to get the last picture before covering with red toole.
I pulled red toole over the top from all sides and tied with some silver wire ribbon and stuffed little Christmas sprigs in for pizzaz.

Gotta go get ready for the Kinder party now!

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