Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Art projects

Last Sunday was predicted to be cold and rainy.  Back in the day, sans child, that would be Heaven on Earth.  Now, as all parents know, rainy days = major boredom for said child/ren.  I knew I better crank out some DIY'er type things for the 5 year old.

I bought a tiny table top Noble Fir from the local HEB.  I was really craving that fresh Christmas tree smell since our tree is faux.  That definitely got me excited about the purchase.

Truth be told, it does not smell like anything so I refer back to my scentsy plug in and/or our Holly Wreath spray from Bath/Body works.

Sunday's in our home this past school year have consisted of cooking 2 large meals that could take us through a few days of the new work/ school week.  While I was cooking and preparing things I gave Dominic this little tree with a package of hooks and various sized Christmas balls.  I prayed the hooks would stop him dead in his tracks but not too much to where he was frustrated.  Another words BUY ME SOME TIME. ha!  Worked like a charm and he stuck with it.
This project probably bought me close to 1 hour with him stopping for questions and me stopping him for photos and praise.  Plus an additional 30 minutes of begging me to start the project.
Happy to be doing his own thing and be "in charge"
The finished product after some verbal suggestions and hints of possibly spreading the ornaments out, ha!
Project #2 was Pretzel hugs.  Start by getting the braided pretzels and placing them all over a cookie sheet.
Then have your child unwrap a Hershey's hug and place one on each pretzel.  *Insert here * begs, pleads and anything possible for every other hug to be eaten.  Stay strong, STAY STRONG.
Place them in the oven on 200 degrees until they start to melt about 8-10 minutes.  This is where our project took a turn and ended up a fail....well, half fail.  We'll take some credit.  Problem was I had one of those Sunday dinners in the oven, a roast, on a higher temp so they ended up browning instead of melting.
I could not get the M&M's (red and green of course) placed on them fast enough because the chocolate had not melted enough.  Any longer and the hugs would have burned it seemed.  So I got on as many as I could (the cookie sheet was too hot for D to do this step) then I tossed them on a plate and in the freezer for about 5 minutes.  They actually tasted pretty good but visually they were questionable, ha!
I purchased this cute little Christmas tin at Walgreens for a $1 and placed them in the tin. Dominic really enjoyed this project as well and he has taken a few as dessert this week in his lunch box!

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