Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

We wanted a change this year and decided to have Christmas in the Texas Hill Country.  This would be the first time we had to divert Santa.
Everyday at 4p my FIL feeds the deer out back.  Everyday at 4p when Dominic is in town, he ALSO feeds the deer.  I happened to look out the back window and see this.  D and Papa K were tossing deer corn at each other and cracking up!  What a sweet sight!

How do you spell mischief? D-o-m-i-n-i-c.
Oh what a sweet face that I could just eat up!  His daddy and I do a fine job of kissing it all the time!
My FIL's birthday is Dec. 24th.  His birthday gift this year was 1/2 birthday, 1/2 Christmas so I wrapped it with 1/2 of each paper, ha!
We got him a new Fossil watch and he loved it!
D's teacher gave each kiddo in class a bag with a special note called "Magical Reindeer Food". Maybe you can double click the picture below and read the rhyme.
Here he is heading out on Christmas Eve to spread the food for Santa's reindeer.
It appeared to be oatmeal but with little flakes of red and green, so cute!
Then of course he wanted to shave (toy razor obviously) before his bath to get all ready for Christmas morning.
Then jump on the bed after he got his jammies on.....
Lastly, he put out Santa's milk and treats.  He was not asked to go to bed at all but put himself in there by 8p and was out shortly after.  Boy, I remember that too.  Rushing to bed early so morning would come faster!!
Shot of all the goods....

Good Morning Sunshine!  Come see what Santa brought!
An electric Scooter!

Razor E125 Electric Scooter
And finally (he asked last year but we thought 4 yrs old was too young) the Nintendo DS!
Nintendo DS Lite

He played with it all day, of course.  Even Kevin got a little addicted!
I had a cute Santa shirt ready for him to wear on Christmas Day.  You see that did not happen.  He wanted his new Longhorn shirt, plus his knee and elbow pads for his new scooter.....oh well, such a little boy now!
First go round.  Trying to get used to the fact that it can just take off if you don't let go of the throttle.
Really getting the hang of it.  I heart this smile on his face.
We took him to a flat parking lot since my in laws live on a hill.  It took him about 20 minutes to get it all figured out and get comfortable with it. 
Lastly, the is probably the most deer I have seen at one feeding in their back yard.  Love the Access (sp?) deer with the white spots on them. 
A very Happy Birthday to baby Jesus! Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

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