Saturday, November 12, 2011

Texas Ren Fest!

I have not been to the Renaissance Festival since I was a child.  And, I do not remember much.  We wanted to go last year but never got a chance so I knew this year we needed to make it happen!  The festival spans 6 or 8 weekends so there is a lot of time to make it!  I prayed for a nice cool day and waiting paid off.  Last Saturday was the perfect day.  The weather was cool and sunny all day

The festival is located just outside of Magnolia in Plantersville, Texas.  The grounds are huge and cover a square mile or two.  Here we are arriving.  One of the few places left on earth where backpacks are not searched.  At first, I was confused on why then as soon as you enter and see all the swords and such (as part of the theme) you understand why.

Me and my baby looking for somewhere to get his face painted.

But first, he got an ice cream sandwich.  Don't be fooled by the "ice cream sandwich" like we were.  It's not the kind with chocolate outside and vanilla inside and relatively just enough sugar for him.  No, this was a Texas Size ice cream sandwich nestled in between two huge chocolate chip cookies, yuck!  Too much sugar and it was too late.  Lesson learned.  Going forward I will ask to see it before I buy!

Half man, half horse.
Ah, we found a face painting lady without a line - score!

$10 bucks for the Texans art that looked awesome!

I thought this was priceless, Dominic checking out his face paint in the mirror!

Waiting in line to bungee jump for the first time.  K and I could NOT believe he was actually doing it!

The smile is worth a million dollars!  He LOVED it!

Not a great picture but these are huge swings.  They hold up to 6 people.  They were nestled under the beautiful trees and the wind was cool, they were a nice ride.  Dominic all but refused to ride but in true Mom fashion, I made him.  Low and behold he wanted to ride it over and over and over.

There were elephant rides for $5 p/p.  You would not even believe how short the "ride" was.  We did not go but D wanted to see the elephants up close.  I am not good at predicting an elephants age but this one looked to be about 100 and HUGE in person.

 Next up. rock wall.  What???  Whose child is this?

Go buddy!

Look at the stretch of those legs!

Ding, ding, ding - he made it to the bell!  I could not believe it :)
My loves....
 One more ride on the swings before we left.

And a run down the hill outside the jousting arena.
It was one perfect family day!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Jack be Nimble

A few weeks ago Dominic came home on a Friday afternoon with a paper from school saying the following Friday Mother Goose would be visiting the Kindergarteners.  They wanted all the kids to dress up and learn a Mother Goose nursery rhyme of their (our) choice!

I knew Humpty Dumpty would be way too over the top of a costume then I got to thinking about the fact that Dominic also needed to learn a nursery rhyme so we needed to keep it simple.

I only had one day to get this together and that was the next day, Saturday.  During the week is impossible to go from store to store searching to make it all come together.  We decided on Jack be Nimble and of course blue jean overalls would have been perfect but there were no overalls to be found this side of town.  I could not spend any more time on that part so we settled on blue jeans and an argyle sweater.  I wanted to add eye glasses (minus the glass) but he refused.

Next I had to figure out how he could carry a candle all day or at least get it to school in one piece.  I decided to buy a piece of green styrofoam from the plant section and spray paint it brown.

Next I took my white paint and alpha stencil and painted a white "J" on it.

Then I stuck a candle down in it and that way he could carry it for the parade they were having at school that afternoon.
He was not happy that morning and I was rushing to get us out the door but I managed to snap a few photos.  None where he was smiling though...

So there you have it, our little Jack be Nimble!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween 2011

Well he absolutely could not wait to go trick or treating.  It was on a Monday night so of course people were still trying to get home from work!  To distract him I said let's go out back and take some photos....


It was finally time to go but I wanted a few pictures in front of the mums.  That was really settting him back so these are the best I could get.

Our very tall inflatable stacked pumpkins!

After making the rounds (the mosquitoes were bad) we came back to hand out candy.  Dominic was so excited to do that that he could not even stand still for a group photo.  Oh well, he was having fun.
This pumpkin was a great idea with a strand of white Christmas lights in the pumpkin.  Looked great at dusk.