Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Impromptu photos at Rice University!

Last weekend was a BEAUTIFUL weekend here in Houston so we headed to the big park for a Sunday Family fun day.  At the last minute I told K to turn into Rice University so I could take some photos of D.  I had my bridal portraits done here and the campus is beautiful.  I am also searching for a photogenic background for some family photos coming up sooner than later.  Plus I love my Canon so I knew I could capture something.  Based on his attire, this was not planned.....the proof is in the pudding.
We started with some, "Oh mom, why do I have to...." photos complete with a cheesy grin.

This one says it all.  I had no bribery with me (i.e. candy)

I was begging, I was pleading.....it was getting better.

Um, hello.  Face me puh-lease.....

Just battled a large ant bed and some drama then got this one.

And lastly, this one.  My big, soon to be, 6 yr old!

When he asked us where we were his Daddy replied, "Your future college." Well, let's hope!

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