Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Wreath Re-vamp!

I bought my Fall wreath about 3 yrs ago AFTER the season on tremendous clearance.  I even displayed it on my front door for the next 2 seasons.  Not sure what I was thinking but this poor wreath was begging for a re-vamp this year.

Here is the wreath as is, before I started. Lots of gaps and pockets of space that needed some pizzaz but still enough of a base to really work with and make a difference!

I went to Hob Lob during a 50% off Fall stem week and I purchased the following.  4 stems, 1 white pumpkin (faux), 1 shimmery orange pumpkin (faux) and some Fall colored heavy netted ribbon.

I started by intertwining the big ribbon through out the whole wreath.

Already looking new and improved!

Then I started placing the 4 stems around the wreath.  When I had them where I wanted them I either stuck them into the wreath or cut the long stems with wire cutters and used my glue gun.  I am especially fond of the 2 black and white colored balls I decided to add for a pop of color to all the browns and oranges.  That stem came with 2 balls so I cut them apart to have some black and white on each side of the wreath.

There were already a few pumpkins on the wreath so I added two more to the bottom to clump them together and give you a focal point.

Here is the final product and it's much fuller and vibrant!

With the wide lens it decreases the size of the wreath but it is actually larger than it appears in this photo.  Perfect wreath for a perfect season!

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