Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day 2011

With the start of big boy school and K's relatively new job, we were not sure we would be heading out of town.  We would usually take a Friday off or at least a 1/2 day and neither was an option since D is in school until 3:45p.
We decided at the last minute we might as well go visit the in laws in Kerrville instead of sitting home melting away in these drought stricken conditions.  No, they have not rec'd rain either but they do have a large covered patio with plenty of shade, not to mention D can run free in the country. And we love 'em, of course!
We did not get out of town until about 5pm and it was a rough commute on everyone after working all day but we finally made it around 10pm, after stopping for dinner (Los Cucos = yuck and expensive)and potty breaks.  I looked at the blog last year and everything was still plenty green and we even needed sweatshirts in Kerrville.  Amazing what a difference a year makes.
Saturday we got up and headed into San Antonio.  We wanted to visit The Rim and La Cantera for some Fall clothes shopping, at least for D.  We enjoyed lunch at BJ Brewery first.  MeMe and Papa K had not been before so we treated them and the food was delicious.
Then it was off to Old Navy.  Dominic and Papa K were having fun posing with some hats (Papa bought his).  I did not get many pics of that day, I was too busy shopping and sweating.

Back home Dominic had left his Papa with a 300 piece puzzle from his Summer visit before school started.

Papa finished it so D was admiring it.  High School Musical was the puzzle.

Early Saturday morning before we headed out, Papa had to water.  They too, are on water restriction and this was his assigned day.  Of course, he had a helper.

And a rock climber....

The deer are actually being well fed and watered by many people in their community, so that is good news with all this heat.

Sunday we just chilled out most of the day and had a wonderful dinner.  Here's the cutie pie shaving at bath time!

We left at dark thirty Monday morning to get back home.  This was about 12 hours after the Austin/ Bastrop fires started.  On our drive home I-10 heading East, we drive thru the smoke that had already made it's way that far.  Terribly sad, a week later and they are still trying to contain these fires.  Prayers are needed and so is rain. 

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