Friday, September 2, 2011

Driven 2 Learn

Dominic's school has a theme each year.  This year the theme is "Driven to Learn".
His first project was due today but other kids were bringing theirs in sooner so we had to hurry and get his done.  I don't like this pace!

Monday night was Curriculum Night for the parents.  We went to his classroom, signed up for parent/ teacher conferences and pulled wishbones off a board of the things that his teacher could use help with as far as donations go.  I pulled paper plates and play-doh but I know me and I will buy a bunch of other stuff just to make sure they always have what they need.  Then we sat down in the little bitty chairs so the teacher could go over everything with us.  What their days consist of, various projects and rewards, etc.  It was really nice to meet in such a smaller group that the hectic-ness of Meet the Teacher or the first day for that matter!

We were given D's homework folder too.  The first project was the Gingerman Project.  I guess maybe they have everyone in the school decorate one to display but since this is my first r-o-d-e-o, I am not for sure!  Anyway, that was Monday night so I knew I had to head straight to Hob Lob on Tuesday after work to try and figure out what he could use.  Anything that was NOT edible, ha!

As I was strolling the aisles, it hit me!  DRIVEN 2 LEARN!!!  That will be our theme, perfect!  I found some cars to hot glue on and some little pom poms and I knew I had some things at home but not a lot.  Now I at least had the supplies to start either Wed or Thurs after work.
Well fast forward and I barely make it in the door Wednesday with plans to finish laundry and cook dinner then MAYBE start the project after dinner.  Nope, no such luck.  My little Kindergartener was would up and insisted we get started, asap!
Here are the supplies all strewn about.  I explained we needed to place things first before we glued.

I had tons of little sticky letters left over from projects ago so I knew we would use those. I also knew the BIG car would go somewhere in the middle and I happen to have a big #2 sticker for that.

First we glued on the big car then D started placing the letters to spell Driven.  Notice the first letter is backwards, awesome, makes it true to form.....Teacher won't think I did it :)  Then he proceeded with Learn.  So far, so cute.

First time ever he was allowed to handle the gun.  The glue gun that is.  He was beyond excited!

Project complete!

There you have it, "Driven 2 Learn."  Here's to a successful year of learning!

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