Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Decor!

It's Fall Ya'll!  No matter what the temps say here down south in Houston!  We have to press on with the calendar no matter the weather.

I always like to get my Fall decor out starting the first or second weekend in September.  Here is what I have now, some things new, most old and still likely for some additions at some point.

This year it was Sunday, opening day for the NFL, when I decided to decorate.

Below is a little pumpkin holder I found at the $1 store.  I knew it was cute and I could find something to do with it later.

Then D picked out these pretty fall colored flowers for our kitchen table.

And voila!  There you have a cute table centerpiece.

I invested in this little plant way back in June and I hot glued some red, white and blue spangled ribbon around it for the Summer/ July 4th.

Bye Bye red, white and blue.....

Helloooo, orange and black for Fall!

This orange pumpkin is metal and made for tea light candles if you chose.  Another $1 store find so I bought 6!  I knew I could sprinkle them about the house.  The metallic pumpkins behind, were in a package of 6 varying in size from Kirklands, $7.

Old Fall topiaries and last years Harlequin pumpkin (my fav) and a metal pumpkin on the left side of the mantel.

Metallic pumpkins, metal pumpkin, pumpkin face doll and another topiary on the right side.

The plant and a harvest sign in the middle.

3 more placed inside the entertainment cabinet...

Another fave is the lighted pumpkin you see below.  That was a Hob Lob 50% off find a few years ago.  As mentioned it was opening day so K brought down the corresponding football helmets. I assure you they are not there all the time!

My Gobble Gobble turkey guy and another metal pumpkin on the bar....

New find this year, Happy Halloween!

Another new find at Burlington Coat Factory for $3...

The sofa table decorated and Donut the everlasting Beta fish....

Cute door hanger found in Fredericksburg last Summer, $6

The candy basket as we get closer......
My scarecrows that have been here since we moved in, 6 yrs now. Note: All three faux pumpkins had stems at one time.  A certain toddler broke all of them so they are left with holes where the stems once were.  No problem, I just turn them all upside down :)

My new favs this year.  No, not the black candlesticks but the white pumpkins added to the sofa table.  I love white pumpkins.  These had really long stems on the bottom of them so you could use them to poke into wreaths, etc.  I just took my floral stem cutters and cut them off so they rest perfect on the candleholders.

Another Federicksburg find....

Favorite spoon rest but K actually propped it up on my small counter easel and I love it like that!  Good job honey!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Etsy! Cute!

I first noticed this on D's Kinder teacher the night of Meet the Teacher.  I did not pay too much attention as I was busy doing other stuff.  Then I saw a girl at work with one and it reminded me.  So I found one on line and ordered last Thursday.

It arrived today in this cute box with a dainty pink ribbon.

The cutest badge clip holder ever!  I love anything animal print, especially zebra and oh!, some hot pink too?  Sold......

For anyone that has to wear a badge everyday to work do yourself a $9 favor and get you one!

Etsy store: Totes and Lillies!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - 10 years

I just wanted to acknowledge our country today, 10 yrs after the 9/11 attacks.  Thank you to all who serve our country and continue to serve for our freedoms.

My 5 yr old keeps asking what it is since every channel has it on.  We keep it brief and know that he will learn in years to come.

God Bless America!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Labor Day 2011

With the start of big boy school and K's relatively new job, we were not sure we would be heading out of town.  We would usually take a Friday off or at least a 1/2 day and neither was an option since D is in school until 3:45p.
We decided at the last minute we might as well go visit the in laws in Kerrville instead of sitting home melting away in these drought stricken conditions.  No, they have not rec'd rain either but they do have a large covered patio with plenty of shade, not to mention D can run free in the country. And we love 'em, of course!
We did not get out of town until about 5pm and it was a rough commute on everyone after working all day but we finally made it around 10pm, after stopping for dinner (Los Cucos = yuck and expensive)and potty breaks.  I looked at the blog last year and everything was still plenty green and we even needed sweatshirts in Kerrville.  Amazing what a difference a year makes.
Saturday we got up and headed into San Antonio.  We wanted to visit The Rim and La Cantera for some Fall clothes shopping, at least for D.  We enjoyed lunch at BJ Brewery first.  MeMe and Papa K had not been before so we treated them and the food was delicious.
Then it was off to Old Navy.  Dominic and Papa K were having fun posing with some hats (Papa bought his).  I did not get many pics of that day, I was too busy shopping and sweating.

Back home Dominic had left his Papa with a 300 piece puzzle from his Summer visit before school started.

Papa finished it so D was admiring it.  High School Musical was the puzzle.

Early Saturday morning before we headed out, Papa had to water.  They too, are on water restriction and this was his assigned day.  Of course, he had a helper.

And a rock climber....

The deer are actually being well fed and watered by many people in their community, so that is good news with all this heat.

Sunday we just chilled out most of the day and had a wonderful dinner.  Here's the cutie pie shaving at bath time!

We left at dark thirty Monday morning to get back home.  This was about 12 hours after the Austin/ Bastrop fires started.  On our drive home I-10 heading East, we drive thru the smoke that had already made it's way that far.  Terribly sad, a week later and they are still trying to contain these fires.  Prayers are needed and so is rain. 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Driven 2 Learn

Dominic's school has a theme each year.  This year the theme is "Driven to Learn".
His first project was due today but other kids were bringing theirs in sooner so we had to hurry and get his done.  I don't like this pace!

Monday night was Curriculum Night for the parents.  We went to his classroom, signed up for parent/ teacher conferences and pulled wishbones off a board of the things that his teacher could use help with as far as donations go.  I pulled paper plates and play-doh but I know me and I will buy a bunch of other stuff just to make sure they always have what they need.  Then we sat down in the little bitty chairs so the teacher could go over everything with us.  What their days consist of, various projects and rewards, etc.  It was really nice to meet in such a smaller group that the hectic-ness of Meet the Teacher or the first day for that matter!

We were given D's homework folder too.  The first project was the Gingerman Project.  I guess maybe they have everyone in the school decorate one to display but since this is my first r-o-d-e-o, I am not for sure!  Anyway, that was Monday night so I knew I had to head straight to Hob Lob on Tuesday after work to try and figure out what he could use.  Anything that was NOT edible, ha!

As I was strolling the aisles, it hit me!  DRIVEN 2 LEARN!!!  That will be our theme, perfect!  I found some cars to hot glue on and some little pom poms and I knew I had some things at home but not a lot.  Now I at least had the supplies to start either Wed or Thurs after work.
Well fast forward and I barely make it in the door Wednesday with plans to finish laundry and cook dinner then MAYBE start the project after dinner.  Nope, no such luck.  My little Kindergartener was would up and insisted we get started, asap!
Here are the supplies all strewn about.  I explained we needed to place things first before we glued.

I had tons of little sticky letters left over from projects ago so I knew we would use those. I also knew the BIG car would go somewhere in the middle and I happen to have a big #2 sticker for that.

First we glued on the big car then D started placing the letters to spell Driven.  Notice the first letter is backwards, awesome, makes it true to form.....Teacher won't think I did it :)  Then he proceeded with Learn.  So far, so cute.

First time ever he was allowed to handle the gun.  The glue gun that is.  He was beyond excited!

Project complete!

There you have it, "Driven 2 Learn."  Here's to a successful year of learning!