Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twas the day before Kinder.....

This was going to be one post all about the first day of school but I realized the day before we were quiet busy with enough pictures and info for a whole separate post so, here we go!
At Meet the Teacher night D's teacher gave us a folder with some info and things to read over.  One of the things in there was a "All About Me" sheet of questions for Dominic to answer and fill out.

We read him the question, he told us his answer then we helped him spell it out.  You see his hand below because he was telling us to slow down with our spelling, ha!

Here are his answers.  I am sure if you double click you can read them!

This was a sweet thing his teacher also sent home with us.  It was called Sweet Dreams and inside it had a sweet poem with some confetti in regards to the night before school starts....


It's a way of letting the kids know sometimes it's hard to fall asleep because they are excited and possibly have some jitters but if you sprinkle this magic confetti under your pillow you will fall fast asleep and she will sprinkle some under her pillow as well.  Cutest idea!

So we went upstairs and daddy read the poem to Dominic in case he fell asleep before we got to do it.

Then he spread it all around...

I saw a cute idea for a teacher gift that was simple and original and I knew I wanted to do that for Mrs. Murphy on the first day.  I had a clear vase, bought 2 packs of .99c alphabet magnets and 2 packs of $4 flowers from HEB.

I poured the letters into the vase and made sure they were atleast letter side out

Then I added water, flowers and tied a simple ribbon around it, ta-da!

Next up, FIRST day of school!

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