Thursday, August 18, 2011

Once Upon A Child

Ever heard of it?  Ever been?  Well, you should!  This is a buy and sell your previously used kids' clothes store. They built a new one in my area and I have scored there several times.  I wish I had known about this store when D was little. In the past, I even bought a few things with the tags still on.  The best sells for boys seem to be collared shirts, shorts, jeans for sure and hoodies/ jackets.  Why should I pay name brand prices when someone else can?  I mean I do buy new, don't get me wrong but again on these sturdy items that can just be washed I have no probem with second hand!

I have also sold items to them that did not sell at my garage sale and would otherwise be donated to Goodwill.  They also sell cribs, strollers, high chairs, you name it. They do not buy everything all the time especially the popular baby items such as play mats and exercausers because they have tons of people bring those in.  You have to get them when they actually need some!
Kinder starts in 5 days and we bought new shirts, undies, socks, backpack, lunchkit and shoes.  I wanted to stop in OUAC and see what I might score.  Although two out of three are for Winter, I still got a great deal.
Short sleeve collared Tommy Hillfiger shirt $3.50

Burnt orange Old Navy fleece pull over, $5.50

Collared Polo RL for $4.50

All washed and ready to go! Now, you do the math !!  You are sure to see these in photos this Fall, ha!

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