Monday, August 15, 2011

New kitchen paint

I had a bunch of plans and a large to-do list while D was visiting his grands for a week.  Not on the list was catching a bad head cold that kept me down and out almost the whole week.  I cold not believe that was happening to me.  Needless to say the one thing I "had" to get done was a kitchen re-paint.  I painted the kitchen about 4 years ago and have never liked it, how's that for being lazy not having time?

We also would like to put the house on the market as soon as the "market" will allow.  I know that the kitchen is a main focal point in selling so I just went more neutral with the color.  My taste has really changed in the last 6 yrs since we bought the house and now I like light and bright with touches of color in pillows and such but I am not going to re-paint anything else.  We have maintained our home and it's in really good condition we just don't need one this big. 
Here is the before.  I wanted a toned down mustard originally and instead have been cooking amongst a sea of Sunflowers - ha!  ICK.
The camera and the flash really enhance the color and make it a bit brighter than it really is....

Did you know that HGTV has their own brand of paint?  Me either, it's just what Sherwin Williams served up.

Ahhh, nice toned down difference.....half and half here.

Done! Now if we were staying I would paint those cabinets white, add hardware, get window coverings and on and on and on.....

Nice contrast to the darker brown pantry hallway.

And if we were staying I would change these globes out to a more neutral brown versus the cobalt.  Our table has 4 primary chairs which I loved in the past but after 8 yrs I am kinda over them. Problem is the table is perfect for the 5 yr old that still beats things against it so the table stays with us for now.

Our signature plate that we had everyone sign at our rehearsal dinner!

So there is the new color!

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