Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy's 40th

My 40th bday was last Wednesday.  Dominic was a big part of Kevin's 40th bday party last year so even though I did not want a party he was announcing to everyone that his mama turned 40! ha!  It does not bother me at all, age is only a number and I just embrace it.
Of course it was a regular work day in our house but I did get some cute little gifts.  When I woke up I had a card and a bottle of wine waiting for me.

Please note the 40th bday wine bottle charm from Kevin.  He bought this months ago in Fredericksburg and kept it since then, I was impressed!

I was told I would get my gift after work and I did.  In case nobody knows this is the Amazon gift wrap.  Errr, maybe the Made in China gift wrap....just sayin'

Happy Mama with her Kindle finally!

I also got some flowers from a co-worker which I thought was nice.


Our awesome nieghbors Eric & Bru joined us for a nice dinner on that following weekend at PF Changs.  This is the only picture we got at home and I could not lug the big camera in my clutch to dinner.  Here Dominic is captivated by the Avatar people on T.V. and less interested in taking a photo with his 40 yr old mama.

We did however, get the phone pic of the three of us!

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