Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher and Kinder prep!

Last Thursday we had meet the teacher at D's elementary school.  We all went as a family and we could tell D had some serious nervous energy going on.  As in the pic below, his hands are going as he is instructing us on what to do (even though he has no clue!)

It was a very informative session.  The kids went with their teachers to see their classroom and the playground so the parents could stay and hear the Principal and AP talk.  After that we went to meet D in his new room but it was way too chaotic for me to get any pics.

I ending up writing 4 checks that night!  One for cafeteria money on days he wants to buy, one for a Spirit shirt as seen below, one in the spirit shop (tumblers, dog tags, water bottles) and one to join the P.T.O.

They are the bulldogs and the theme song is "Who let the dogs out?"

Next up was a haircut on Saturday.  Boys hair needs cutting way more often than girls!

Laid out the new things and got them washed.  We have a surplus of shorts and some shirts already because of the year round hot weather in Houston.  Big boy undies, socks and shoes were necessary.

And of course a big boy lunch kit with a themos!

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