Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of Kinder!!

The day finally arrived.  We had talked about it so much and it was finally here.  Unfortunately Daddy could not join me at the school to walk D in on his first day but I managed a few pics with all the hoopla and hysteria.

Let me start by saying that our new schedule would allow us to sleep about 1 hour later than we ever have since Kindergarten does not start until 8:45a.  I did not think it was fair to D that he continue to go to daycare/ pre-school at 6:30a which would be 2 hours before school even started. I prepared myself that my days would be filled with Houston traffic both too and from work and I would be getting him and getting home later.  I kept telling myself it was best for him!  That being said, he got up 1 hr EARLY the first day probably because he was so excited, errr nervous! 
I took the first two days off from work to get him squared away and I wanted to be there for him for any bumps along the way.  I got him dressed and perfectly coiffed then we packed up his lunch for school.  He was jumping all around and full of energy!

I asked him to pose for pics but he wasn't too interested because he thought we were running late and would miss the bus that takes him from Preschool to the elementary.  WE HAD AMPLE TIME, I assure you.

It was approximately 107 degrees outside with the humidity factored in so the camera kept fogging up.

I dropped him at preschool and went ahead to the elementary to get a parking space.  It was mayham on the first day with people everywhere.  I waited until almost time to get out in the heat and just before I saw his bus pulling in.  I met him at his bus and we walked in to Mrs. Murphy's class together.  I handed her the flowers because he was too nervous to give them to her then I asked her if I could take a photo.

Here is his desk/ table that sits 3 other girls!

I could tell he was nervous and the halls were buzzing.  We got his lunch put where it belongs and his back pack hung up then he started to color.  I wanted to stay so bad and help with all the kids but I knew it was not my place.
Here I am slowly leaving......

I picked him up at preschool so we could head for a first day treat!

Ice cream!

All in all he had a good day.  He did confess that night that he cried a little bit. Broke.My.Heart.
I sure do wish that I could be home for him every day, maybe one day!

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