Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dominic in Kerrville, sans Mom & Dad!

We have always talked about Dominic going to Kerrville to spend a week with his grandparents.  I was not ready until now and he agreed.  Sure, he could have gone when he was younger not really knowing but I was just not ready.  Five yrs old always seemed like a good age. The more and more we have talked about the fact that big boy school (Kinder) will be starting soon and that he can't just miss school to hang with the grands, the more it became a reality.

They visited us about a month ago so we put a week on the calendar and talked to him RELIGIOUSLY about how it was just going to be him because Mommy and Daddy still had to work.  We wanted to make sure he understood that.  His grandparents have watched him dozens of times but all have been at our house.  One time they watched him overnight in Kerrville while K and I made a trip to Austin but returned the next day.  So, needless to say we are always with him in Kerrville.  And since it's a four hour drive, we can't just come pick you up one night after work if you decide this is not going to work for you!

I racked my brain for ways that I could make the trip more special for him if/when he might get a little down because he misses us.  I decided I would just get small little gifts wrap them up with a special note and he would get one each morning for the 8 mornings he is there!  The most expensive item was $3 but everything was a $1 or $2 (worth every penny to me).  Of course I did not tell him about any of this ahead of time because well, that is like Christmas to a kid and they will be relentless.  I waited until the first night that we talked to him on the phone to tell him.

It actually took me a while to wrap and prep them but I rushed home a little early one day before picking him up so I could do it.  Here is my table with all the goodies laid out.

I had to decide which gift would be best according to the day.  Another words, I knew he needed the new toothbrush on day one so he could brush his teeth for the week!  So here I am laying out the items with the corresponding note card until I got everything perfect.

I used my fancy shears to cut jagged edges on his note cards!

Blogger got my pics out of order so this is Sunday, morning #2.  He got Go Fish cards and fruit roll ups (I have never bought him fruit roll ups but this trip all healthy items were basically off!)

The FIRST morning was Saturday and he got a Spiderman toothbrush and some toothpaste.  You push a button on Spiderman and he lights up for 1 minute which is the length you should be brushing.......we'll see.

Monday morning he got Scented Bubbles....

Tuesday morning was going to be my favorite one!  It's 3-D glasses with markers and and when you color the pics they are 3-D!

Wednesday he will get 3 little wind up motor boats for the bath tub!

Thursday he gets glow bracelets and silly bands...

Friday he will open a bubble kit with various ways to blow bubbles

And his last morning there he will open Teddy Grahams!

That is a total of 8 gifts, here they are all finished.

We took off last Friday to meet them in Sequin for the drop off.  I packed his little cooler with Capri Suns and yogurt drinks and I had a dry food/non perishable snack bag too along with emergency meds and stuff for his cough.  **Note, Dominic has not been sick in 6 mos and he developed a cough a few days before.  Talk about sending a Mama's anxiety over the edge!!!!!!

Here he is ready to roll....

My soon to be Kindergartner....headed out for his last hoorah of the Summer...

Watching his DVD on the 2 hr drive...

Stopping to potty at Buc-ee's...

And then finally meeting MeMe and Papa at the IHOP.  This is where my camera never came back out.  I had intentions of taking lots of pictures but I was so consumed with the drop off that I forgot all about the camera!  I thought I would cry at the departure but I held up fine.  I trust them completely and I know Dominic will have a blast with them.

**He did cry his second night there but he was just so tired.  We asked him if he wanted us to come get him and he kept saying no.  He has been fine since.  We talked to him morning and evening and he is doing all kinds of fun things.  I caught his bug and it has turned into a head cold, etc so I have not felt too good myself.  Oh, and we bought him a disposable camera and can't wait to see what all he captured, ha!

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