Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First day of Kinder!!

The day finally arrived.  We had talked about it so much and it was finally here.  Unfortunately Daddy could not join me at the school to walk D in on his first day but I managed a few pics with all the hoopla and hysteria.

Let me start by saying that our new schedule would allow us to sleep about 1 hour later than we ever have since Kindergarten does not start until 8:45a.  I did not think it was fair to D that he continue to go to daycare/ pre-school at 6:30a which would be 2 hours before school even started. I prepared myself that my days would be filled with Houston traffic both too and from work and I would be getting him and getting home later.  I kept telling myself it was best for him!  That being said, he got up 1 hr EARLY the first day probably because he was so excited, errr nervous! 
I took the first two days off from work to get him squared away and I wanted to be there for him for any bumps along the way.  I got him dressed and perfectly coiffed then we packed up his lunch for school.  He was jumping all around and full of energy!

I asked him to pose for pics but he wasn't too interested because he thought we were running late and would miss the bus that takes him from Preschool to the elementary.  WE HAD AMPLE TIME, I assure you.

It was approximately 107 degrees outside with the humidity factored in so the camera kept fogging up.

I dropped him at preschool and went ahead to the elementary to get a parking space.  It was mayham on the first day with people everywhere.  I waited until almost time to get out in the heat and just before I saw his bus pulling in.  I met him at his bus and we walked in to Mrs. Murphy's class together.  I handed her the flowers because he was too nervous to give them to her then I asked her if I could take a photo.

Here is his desk/ table that sits 3 other girls!

I could tell he was nervous and the halls were buzzing.  We got his lunch put where it belongs and his back pack hung up then he started to color.  I wanted to stay so bad and help with all the kids but I knew it was not my place.
Here I am slowly leaving......

I picked him up at preschool so we could head for a first day treat!

Ice cream!

All in all he had a good day.  He did confess that night that he cried a little bit. Broke.My.Heart.
I sure do wish that I could be home for him every day, maybe one day!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Twas the day before Kinder.....

This was going to be one post all about the first day of school but I realized the day before we were quiet busy with enough pictures and info for a whole separate post so, here we go!
At Meet the Teacher night D's teacher gave us a folder with some info and things to read over.  One of the things in there was a "All About Me" sheet of questions for Dominic to answer and fill out.

We read him the question, he told us his answer then we helped him spell it out.  You see his hand below because he was telling us to slow down with our spelling, ha!

Here are his answers.  I am sure if you double click you can read them!

This was a sweet thing his teacher also sent home with us.  It was called Sweet Dreams and inside it had a sweet poem with some confetti in regards to the night before school starts....


It's a way of letting the kids know sometimes it's hard to fall asleep because they are excited and possibly have some jitters but if you sprinkle this magic confetti under your pillow you will fall fast asleep and she will sprinkle some under her pillow as well.  Cutest idea!

So we went upstairs and daddy read the poem to Dominic in case he fell asleep before we got to do it.

Then he spread it all around...

I saw a cute idea for a teacher gift that was simple and original and I knew I wanted to do that for Mrs. Murphy on the first day.  I had a clear vase, bought 2 packs of .99c alphabet magnets and 2 packs of $4 flowers from HEB.

I poured the letters into the vase and made sure they were atleast letter side out

Then I added water, flowers and tied a simple ribbon around it, ta-da!

Next up, FIRST day of school!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher and Kinder prep!

Last Thursday we had meet the teacher at D's elementary school.  We all went as a family and we could tell D had some serious nervous energy going on.  As in the pic below, his hands are going as he is instructing us on what to do (even though he has no clue!)

It was a very informative session.  The kids went with their teachers to see their classroom and the playground so the parents could stay and hear the Principal and AP talk.  After that we went to meet D in his new room but it was way too chaotic for me to get any pics.

I ending up writing 4 checks that night!  One for cafeteria money on days he wants to buy, one for a Spirit shirt as seen below, one in the spirit shop (tumblers, dog tags, water bottles) and one to join the P.T.O.

They are the bulldogs and the theme song is "Who let the dogs out?"

Next up was a haircut on Saturday.  Boys hair needs cutting way more often than girls!

Laid out the new things and got them washed.  We have a surplus of shorts and some shirts already because of the year round hot weather in Houston.  Big boy undies, socks and shoes were necessary.

And of course a big boy lunch kit with a themos!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Once Upon A Child

Ever heard of it?  Ever been?  Well, you should!  This is a buy and sell your previously used kids' clothes store. They built a new one in my area and I have scored there several times.  I wish I had known about this store when D was little. In the past, I even bought a few things with the tags still on.  The best sells for boys seem to be collared shirts, shorts, jeans for sure and hoodies/ jackets.  Why should I pay name brand prices when someone else can?  I mean I do buy new, don't get me wrong but again on these sturdy items that can just be washed I have no probem with second hand!

I have also sold items to them that did not sell at my garage sale and would otherwise be donated to Goodwill.  They also sell cribs, strollers, high chairs, you name it. They do not buy everything all the time especially the popular baby items such as play mats and exercausers because they have tons of people bring those in.  You have to get them when they actually need some!
Kinder starts in 5 days and we bought new shirts, undies, socks, backpack, lunchkit and shoes.  I wanted to stop in OUAC and see what I might score.  Although two out of three are for Winter, I still got a great deal.
Short sleeve collared Tommy Hillfiger shirt $3.50

Burnt orange Old Navy fleece pull over, $5.50

Collared Polo RL for $4.50

All washed and ready to go! Now, you do the math !!  You are sure to see these in photos this Fall, ha!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mommy's 40th

My 40th bday was last Wednesday.  Dominic was a big part of Kevin's 40th bday party last year so even though I did not want a party he was announcing to everyone that his mama turned 40! ha!  It does not bother me at all, age is only a number and I just embrace it.
Of course it was a regular work day in our house but I did get some cute little gifts.  When I woke up I had a card and a bottle of wine waiting for me.

Please note the 40th bday wine bottle charm from Kevin.  He bought this months ago in Fredericksburg and kept it since then, I was impressed!

I was told I would get my gift after work and I did.  In case nobody knows this is the Amazon gift wrap.  Errr, maybe the Made in China gift wrap....just sayin'

Happy Mama with her Kindle finally!

I also got some flowers from a co-worker which I thought was nice.


Our awesome nieghbors Eric & Bru joined us for a nice dinner on that following weekend at PF Changs.  This is the only picture we got at home and I could not lug the big camera in my clutch to dinner.  Here Dominic is captivated by the Avatar people on T.V. and less interested in taking a photo with his 40 yr old mama.

We did however, get the phone pic of the three of us!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New kitchen paint

I had a bunch of plans and a large to-do list while D was visiting his grands for a week.  Not on the list was catching a bad head cold that kept me down and out almost the whole week.  I cold not believe that was happening to me.  Needless to say the one thing I "had" to get done was a kitchen re-paint.  I painted the kitchen about 4 years ago and have never liked it, how's that for being lazy not having time?

We also would like to put the house on the market as soon as the "market" will allow.  I know that the kitchen is a main focal point in selling so I just went more neutral with the color.  My taste has really changed in the last 6 yrs since we bought the house and now I like light and bright with touches of color in pillows and such but I am not going to re-paint anything else.  We have maintained our home and it's in really good condition we just don't need one this big. 
Here is the before.  I wanted a toned down mustard originally and instead have been cooking amongst a sea of Sunflowers - ha!  ICK.
The camera and the flash really enhance the color and make it a bit brighter than it really is....

Did you know that HGTV has their own brand of paint?  Me either, it's just what Sherwin Williams served up.

Ahhh, nice toned down difference.....half and half here.

Done! Now if we were staying I would paint those cabinets white, add hardware, get window coverings and on and on and on.....

Nice contrast to the darker brown pantry hallway.

And if we were staying I would change these globes out to a more neutral brown versus the cobalt.  Our table has 4 primary chairs which I loved in the past but after 8 yrs I am kinda over them. Problem is the table is perfect for the 5 yr old that still beats things against it so the table stays with us for now.

Our signature plate that we had everyone sign at our rehearsal dinner!

So there is the new color!