Friday, July 22, 2011

Cars 2, Kinder prep, Vaca in Kerrville!

I am well aware this is not a newsflash to anyone but each Summer it seems to get hotter than the Summer before.  I live in Texas and it's always hot and humid however, the East Coast is making the news these days with the heat!  Welcome to our world of dreading the Summer weather!!  We have spent A LOT of time in the pools but other than that we are not outside.

There a just a few things going on with us.  Last weekend our little trio headed out for some lunch, run errands and finally got to see this:

Kevin and I were a bit disappointed!  The whole movie focuses on Mater the tow Truck and it was just kinda all over the place.  That and well we missed the 11am so we had to go to the 1:30p and Dominic was tired and antsy and so were we.  He got us up at 6am on a Saturday!   Ugh.......

We are officially 4 weeks until starting KINDER!  Oh me, oh my!  We have purchased a new backpack, a few new clothes and a new big boy lunch kit and thermos!  We have spent a lot of time talking about what he can expect, how his days will be filled with fun learning and ideas about what we can pack for his lunch.  Kevin and I are ready for him to start but it is bittersweet.

Lastly, Dominic is supposed to go visit his grandparents for a full week in Kerrville next Friday.  I say "supposed" to because well he has never done it before (without us at their house) and he still has time to change his mind.  So far, so good though and he seems excited.  (SO are we!)  I mean it's either go to school/ daycare everyday or spend a week sleeping in, feeding the deer, playing with the dog, going to Sea World, etc.....you get the picture and hopefully he does too!

Happy Friday, TGIF!

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